Friday, July 31, 2015

Leaving Scotland

July 31, 2005

Hello. I'm Back in England now. Today was long. This whole weekend was long. I got up this morning and gathered my crap. I ate a quick breakfast  and took my stuff to the bus.

At Pollack Halls

My batteries died in my CD player so I was tuneless all day. I had to entertain myself in other ways. I wasn't in the mood to read- so I slept. About half way stopped for lunch. I ate at Wimpy's. It took them forever to get our food out to us- and even then it wasn't that great. one guy ordered a burger and they gave him one that a lady had just brought back to the counter because it was not what she ordered. She had to have picked through it. Gross! After we all got back on the bus we watched a movie. It was a movie my history class had to watch, Mrs. Brown. It was good. I got sick of sleeping in an uncomfortable position so I talked Tricia into playing farkle with me. When I bought the dice the came in a box with two decks of cards. I took out the cards and we just used the little box as our table. It was a lot of fun to play a miniature game! The bus ride took forever! but we got back.

Oh- At the England/Scotland Border we stopped for a photo opp. There was a bagpiper there! I asked if he took requests and he played Scotland the brave.

It totally made my day- and weekend. It helped that the sun was out too.

Anyway, back at the ranch I carried all my stuff upstairs and fell asleep on my bed. I forced myself to get up though otherwise I wouldn't sleep tonight. I went and checked my email. Pretty much everyone in the world wrote me. Tricia and I went to the Trailer for Life and got something to eat then I read my homework for tomorrow. yay.

Love heather

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