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Sherry and Harry

July 15, 2005

Oh my goodness today was a great day! Well- mostly.Class was ok. I was super tired because of last night's late night. But I lived through both of them.It actually went by quickly. After my class, T, D and I checked our mail and just walked around a bit. At 6:00 we got read for dinner. It was our banquet tonight. We met for sherry on the lawn (I drank orange juice) We were all dressed up. Some people were really dressed to the nines! it was pretty formal. Dinner was elegant. There was a ton of alcohol being served- even some of the food itself had port or wine in it. 

Me, Deann and Trish with our orange juices at sherry on the lawn

The waiter in the black vest- Daniel- we all thought he was soooooooo cute. This is us trying to slyly get a photo of him without his knowing.

Pam Carnicelli, one of program directors, went to the chef early this morning and told him that I don't consume any alcohol. So they went out of their way to accommodate me. That was really decent of her to do that so I wouldn't have to. I'm just really impressed by some people. A girl at dinner was asking me Mormon questions. It was loud though so we didn't didn't get into a deep discussion. I told her I would always answer her questions. 

I also took part in the readings tonight. Between courses we would have people go up and read things that past Cambridge students have said about Caius.  I read twice so I was really nervous.  I was fun though. The whole experience was great. It didn't get over till nearly 10:00! Wow!

Everyone had been drinking like mad but D, T and I had not. We changed our clothes and went to Borders to the Harry Potter party. We were very near the front of the line. It was a good thing we got there when we did because the queue was forever long! 

This Is the line inside Borders- not too bad- but when you got outside... went around the block!

There were a few people dressed up like wizards. There were some people there doing entertainment. Deann and Trish were a little annoyed by it and embarrassed but I loved it. I thought it was great.

We just stood around and took it all in. Finally the countdown started and at 12:01 the books were brought out. It was very orderly- and by 12:09 I had my book! I chose the adult copy cuz I think Mel will take the children's copy. 

I was so giddy silly. Deann repeatedly let me know I am a dork. Hey, I'm a cute dork. I told them I was going to go read. they could do what they wanted. Trish wanted to go to bed so I told D I would read aloud and she could listen. She didn't want to but she did' She didn't make it through many pages before she was asleep so I sent her to bed and read the first four chapters. It's really late and I should go to bed! 

 love, Heather

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