Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movin' On

Allrighty.  I have left a lot of people in confusion over the last few weeks. Let me explain myself.

I made a deal with myself (and a few other people) that if I did not have a job by the end of June, that I would move home in July.  I tried and tried to find something- anything.  I mean, I applied at places that I would never have applied had I not been so desperate.  No matter though, because it seems no one wanted me as an employee; over-qualified or not. So I made plans to move back to Idaho.  I gave my notice to my landlord, and started to mentally prepare myself for a move I absolutely I didn't want to make.

Did I start packing and actually preparing to leave? No. Why?  Because I secretly hoped that a last minute miracle would come my way.  I was in denial.  I admit it.  Time ticked ever onward.  My little brother and his family came to visit me.  They wanted to come while they still had a free place to stay. 

My parents had purchased their tickets and the date for my move was set. The plan was for them to fly out and to rent a truck and drive home. After my brother's visit, I faced the inevitability of moving home and slowly (any by slowly I mean packing one box a day). I hate packing. I loath packing.  Packing is an abomination in my eyes.  I bragged to people whenever I completed another box.

Thursday night before I was to leave, my friend, Julie, called me with a job opportunity.  Her boss was desperate for an assistant so she wanted my resume to forward on to him.  I got it to her that night, he called me the next day and we set up an appointment for Monday.  This threw a minor wrinkle in the plans because I had two farewell parties being held in my honor...  I would have felt pretty stupid having the parties and then not actually leaving.  But the parties were fun either way.

I was having a difficult time deciding what to do.  Move home and save money? Or stay in Colorado and enjoy my independence and a new, good paying job?  I set some requirements for the job and decided that if it did not meet them that I would not accept it if offered.  The interview was Monday morning and my parents flew in shortly after.  I dislike interviewing. I always come off an incompetent moron.  No wonder I can't find a job. 

Anyway, the job did not meet my requirements so after a lot of thought, prayed and other ingredients that go into making giant life changing decisions, I decided that moving to Idaho, though not my ideal, would be the best choice.  I threw myself (and my parents) into the remaining packing.  We got it all done, and the truck loaded- with the help of my beloved Dianne.  I am out of the house and nearing the road- staying in a hotel with my parents before we hit the road tomorrow morning.

It turns out that my stress and indecision was unnecessary.  I got a phone call back from the interviewer and they decided to go a different direction (work place code for, "You suck and we don't want to burden ourselves with your obvious lack of know-how.")

So, Westward Ho, the wagons! I'll be in Eye-dee-hoe for an undetermined amount of time- but hopefully not an overly extended stay.  Oh dear Colorado, how I will miss thee.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Greatest Frienemy

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with this one girl I know.  We've known each other all our lives (we even have the same birthday), yet we are still learning about each other.  We have almost everything in common.  We like the same things, She loves Italian food and chocolate- As. Do. I.  She also dislikes all the same things I do.  We are interested in the same things and can have conversations that go on for hours.  We read books together and discuss them.  We are the best book club and we are very, Very exclusive.  Sometimes when I don't know how to explain what I mean, She gets it and I don't have to try to find the right words.  It's very convenient.

Once in a while though, we fight- and she can be meeeeean.  But so can I.  She calls me "fat" and "ugly" but I tell her that she's "stupid" and "disgusting." A lot of times she's the one who is there when I'm trying to decide, "should I eat that whole pie?"  "Sure," she replies, "it doesn't matter what you look like, no one will ever want you anyway, so go crazy." Usually, I listen.

See? Sometimes she's not nice.  But really, in general, we get along most of the time.  There are times when I look at her I think, "good heavens, she is so pretty." But no one sees her the same way I see her,  People (other girls- never guys) say they do, but I don't buy it.  But she has her bad days too and she has the kind of face that should break a mirror... ghastly, honestly.

There are few wrinkles that we're still trying to work out.  She likes to be spontaneous, and I am a planner.  She likes to spend, spend, spend and I try to be more frugal.  She likes to sit and do nothing while I would rather get up and go for a walk.  She's more stubborn that I am though, so she usually wins.

My Frienemy is my biggest critic- and the one that I listen to the most.  I can get compliments from 20 different people- but if she says one bad thing- I believe her over all the others.  I shouldn't.  But I do.

She's not the same person she was a few years ago.  We've sat and talked together about what it would be like to be married and have kids and all the things that we always said we wanted.  But she's glad... and I guess I am too... that it never happened.  We have seen and done so much that we wouldn't have been able to do if we were tied down to a family.  We spend a lot of time, probably too much, talking about lost "loves" from the past.  Neither of us has ever been in love, but for some reason we like to pick at old wounds and make each other miserable playing the "what if" game.  We have a distinctly different taste in men.  She likes bad boys, I like the "Peter Priesthood" type.

Neither of us know what to do with our future.  But, we'll stick by each other and hopefully one of us will come out on top and drag the other up with her.

I like spending time with her. It's a good thing too because we have been much thrown together in the last couple of weeks and probably will be for the forseeable future.  Tonight? We're going to the opera.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

Remember when you were a teenager and thought you knew everything? Yeah... me neither, but apparently we all go through it.  This post is to prove to you that I still have things to learn.  Some you might think are pretty no-brainer, as they should be, but it's still nice to get the reminders every now and again.
  • Fireworks can be fun when watched from a car in the pouring rain whilst surrounded by friends and a Yellow Lab named Louie.
  • Playing car games while hiding under a tarp in the rain can be a source of more laughter than you can imagine.
  • When one flicks a burning cigarette into a wicker handbag, fire is a natural result.
  • If you are going to get a tattoo on your arm, make sure people can tell who it is, so they are not squinting at you to determine if it's Bruce Willis or Bela Lugosi that is etched into your skin
  • The phrase, "If I'm going to live through this, I'll need another beer," applies to torrential downpours in the middle of a park.
  • Bands can play, "like on the Titanic; until she goes down."
  • When it's "gonna rain like hell, [you] need to put a shirt on."
  • Hurling is a sport.
  • Kilts are always acceptable.
  • If there are not bagpipes in Heaven, I don't want to go.
  • Irish dancers wear curly wigs.
  • If you leave unattended papers sitting around and the wind picks up, you'd better hope two silly women are willing to run around chasing them for you.
  • Anything said with an Irish accent is automatically ten times funnier than it was meant to be.
  • Everyday is a great day to be Irish.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Life in Stand Up and Song

This is absolutely the funniest thing I've ever seen.  Funny because it's SO TRUE! Please watch it and tell me you laughed as hard as I did.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Michael Palascak - Video - NBC.com

Also, This song really hits home.


And this song... says it all!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing to Say

What can I say? The date is practically set. My parents will be in Colorado in a few short weeks to pack me up and move me home.  I'm not excited. I'm not happy, but I am resigned.  I keep hoping for some amazing miracle job to swoop in and keep me here. But no such miracle for me... yet. I'll not give up hope.

I have pretty much given up looking for jobs. At this point, it would need to be a pretty amazing job to keep me here. None of these just-work-there-till-you-find-something-better type of jobs.  I'm all set to wither away in my parent's basement.

It will be nice to be nearer my family... and I suppose there are a few friends it will be nice to be closer to- but... it's Idaho.  Worse, it's Pocatello. bleh.