Monday, July 27, 2015

Mid Terms

July 27, 2005

Hey howdy, Hey!

It's such a loverly feeling being done with my mid term papers. one was a bunch of crappy BS about the divine right of kings and the other was a reproduction of my Bleak House paper from last semester. But still- it was a good relief to have them turned in.  It's been rainy and grey for the last few days and I had a migrain today- but still, I just can't shake that good- I got my homework done- feeling. :) When I wasn't in class I was in the computer lab- or on my bed dying of pain. 

With my headache gone, I went and emailed a bunch of people, then read my book for a while. I had high table tonight so I got the iron and ironed my clothes. High table was so much fun. I sat next to Dr Carnicelli and we just laughed. He's such a funny guy. He wants to sing with me on talent night. Too funny. After dinner I started to pack a little for tomorrow. 8 hours on bus is gonna be really long. I hope I live. Deann and Trish came and played. Trish taught me a new game called spit. It's hilarious It's like speed- but not. We played for a while and laughed our heads off. It was fun. Anyway, how it's time to gather the rest of my crap and go to bed. I have to get up sinfully early. 

Love, Heather

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