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the Bronte Home

July 28, 2005

Good Dey to yeh! I'm in Edinburgh!! It's so pretty! Well, what I've seen of it. I got up early this morning and got ready and had breakfast. Then we met at the porters lodge and went to the bus. We were told it would be an eight hour bus ride (oi!) We made a few stops along the way. One was in Haworth where the Bronte family lived. We went through their house. It was really interesting. 

Haworth Parish- Bronte family grave site

I love Jane Eyre and know a little more about their home life so I see where a lot of it comes from. In the shop I bought a set of books written by all three sisters. I figured- what better place to purchase them than right where they were written.

The most beautiful hydrangeas I've ever seen in my life- outside the Bronte home

We had lost Tricia so D and I wandered around town looking for a loo and Tricia. We found both! :) Anyway- the countryside is absolutely amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful part of the world. Who knew it existed? I just want to take pictures of it all and remember everything. I just sat staring out the window while I listened to some tunes. Sigh... 

Jedburgh Abbey Ruin 
(this is where we found the sign, "Och aye- the loo!")

Finally we got to Edinburgh- 14 hours later. yeah. 14 hours! But it wasn't really as bad as I thought. The scenery was lovely. The streets were a little twistier then I would have liked. Haven't these people heard of freeways? ;) That made me bus sick a little- but I lived.

When we got here we were assigned to our rooms. Mine is facing the front door. I have to close my drapes or every person who walks by can peek in my window. I'm in a hall with guys. That bugs me but I'll live with it for what- two days? yeah. Anyway- once we found our rooms we wandered around [Edinburgh University] campus looking for food. Finally a bunch of us walked into the city. We found an Italian take out place so we got stuff there and brought it back. I called and talked to mom till my card ran out. Now I'm going to bed. I'm very, very tired.

Love, Heather

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