Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Garrick Inn

July 26, 2005

'Allo! Oh my goodness! I feel so busy! It was a crazy day. I got up this morning and threw myself together. After breakfast I headed straight to the computer lab. I got my Dickens paper done and out of the way. Whew! One down. I started my history paper but I had to go meet my partner for tomorrow's presentation. I waited 20 minutes and he never came. I met his littler lover on the way back to the computer lab ad she told me he'd meet me in a while. Whatever.

I was really annoyed but i went back and got to work on my paper. He came after a while and our conversation was pointless. I worked a little longer on my paper then Trish, Harry (our new buddy) and I wen to the Cow. It was packed so we had to go in the basement. It looked like and opium den! Hahah! After lunch we rushed back to school to drop off our stuff and met the group at the porter's lodge to go to Stratford-upon-Avon. The ride wasn't too bad because I got my own seat- I could stretch out and be comfy. 

When we got there we had an hour or so to kill so we wandered around for a place that had deserts. Harry and Brian (a new addition) wanted to eat. We found a cool little place that was like, 300 years old (not kidding). They had the most amazing chocolate dessert I think I've ever had. 

The Garrick Inn

We saw A Comedy of Errors. It was hilarious! a little more sexual than I would have liked, but funny. We had ok seats but beacuse so many of our people didn't show up- we moved to better seats the second half. The ride home was long but I got some good conversation and a lot of reading done. Tomorrow's another long day.

Love, Heather

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