Friday, July 10, 2015

England Adventure

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of my adventure in the U.K. I have been wanting to do this for a long time- and ten years seems to be a nice round anniversary. for the next 6 weeks or so I will be posting my journal entries and the photos from my trip. As you may know, I am an avid journal keeper and have only missed one day (ONE DAY!) in 14 years. I'm not an adventurous writer. In fact, you may want to clock out for a while (even though I just got back to my blog) because you may find me boring. I'm doing this more for myself than anyone because I never go back and read my journals (there are a lot of them). But if you would like to follow me on my adventure, just check back in each day. I'm not going to post a link every day on Facebook so you'll just have to remember on your own. Because I was in school for most of the time I was there, there are not pictures for every day. My pictures are mostly kept to the weekends. But anyway... here we go:

July 10, 2005

Hello! I'm writing from somewhere over Maine. We've been in the air for three or four hours. I love flying! I even love the turbulence! :-) I can't believe I'm actually on my way! I honestly never thought this day would come.
So I got up this morning, Mom, Dad and Mel took Kim to the airport and while I got ready. Ileen made us this great breakfast. So after that I was ready to go. Mom and Mel drove to me to the airport and stayed with me while I checked in. There was a really long line at the security so they waited with me until I got to the roped off area. Then I gave them hugs and went on my way.
They wanted to get home so they could see Shayla sing in church. I just went up and sat in the terminal. I tried to read but my head wasn't in it so instead I listened to some tunes. My flight to Dallas was okay. I sat next to an older couple that spoke very little English. I got to practice a little bit of my Spanish. It leaves your fast I'll tell you that!
When we landed it took forever to taxi to our gate! Thank goodness the DFW airport has their skywalk train! I would have never made my connection. As it was I got there with only minutes to spare. They started boarding just after I got there. Anyway this flight has been pretty uneventful. I'm the only American in my row. I'm surrounded by Britz. They seem pretty nice so that's okay. Wow I really just can't believe it's coming true! I've wished this for so long! And not only am I visiting Europe but for six weeks. What an opportunity!
Anyway I haven't read my scriptures at all today. I should to bring that Sabbath feeling you know? Anyway, next time I write I'll be in my room at Cambridge! Yahoo!
Good night
love Heather

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