Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lots of Homework

July 25,2005

Hey! Today is Monday. I keep thinking it's Tuesday. Anyway, it an an OK day. My history class this morning- we had our debate. My team was for the monarchy- the other was opposed. The other team put in way more work to theirs, but we won. yay! It helps to have a British teacher who is partial to monarchy. He was a substitute.

Anyway, that was one stress out of the way. After class I gathered my stuff and went and did laundry. I read while I waited. it was kind of nice. I brought all my carp back to my room and folded my clothes and cleaned my room. I hung around a bit then went to my next class. I liked it.

We talked about Bleak House. I've rad it so I actually had things to say and opinions to give. At tea, I talked with my teacher. She's actually really nice. This afternoon I kinda worked on my paper, and I kinda read my history lesson. I've got two papers to do tomorrow plus meet with my partner for our presentation Wed.  I just don't know when I'm going to have time to think! I'm also going to see another play tomorrow. Sigh...

After dinner I worked some more then Trish came to play farkle. Deann was not feeling well so she went to bed. It was fun just being me and Trish for a change. She's had a rough day so she vented a lot- but we had a few good laughs too. Anyway, as she was getting ready to leave Evelyn came in and sat down and ate a sandwich She was totally drunk. I didn't want Trish to leave me alone with her and I gave Trish "the look" so she asked me to walk her back cuz it was so late. hahaha! I feel bad about Evelyn but she's drunk and won't know the difference tomorrow anyway, right?

Love, Heather

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