Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Religious Studies

July 14, 2005

Hey! I am so tired. It's really late but I have a good reason. This morning after breakfast my partner for tomorrow's presentation came up to my room and we got talking about our presentation. Well, it's about King James which led to a religious discussion and before long I had invited her to church and taught her essentially a first discussion. It felt really good. and she was very receptive. Not to the point that I think she'll run out and get baptized, but at least she wasn't repulsed. She's sill intrigued by it all.

Anyway, it was good and after she left I continued working for a while. Deann came to my room. We went and found Trisha and went to lunch. i re-grounded myself and came to my room- oh- not yet. I had to do a tour of the library so while we waited for everyone to assemble I sat in the chapel and listened to organ music. It was spooky. There's just no spirit there.

Anyway- THEN I grounded myself after my boring 10 minute tour. I studied a little but fell asleep. I got to sit at High Table tonight so I woke up and got dressed for dinner. We got to meet in a different room to mingle- then we went to dinner. Everyone was drinking unlimited wine but I just turned my glass upside down. So did Deann. I am so grateful for her!

After dinner I changed and went to the computer lab to print off some stuff for my presentation. i came to my room but told Deann and Trish to come rescue me in an hour. We played golf and knock on wood. Over the course of the night there were six different people in here. Everyone stopped by on their way to bed. The three besides De, Trish and I were all drunk- stupid- but De, Trish and I had a great religious talk too. We got talking about ghosts and why I don't' worry much about it. They wanted to know I so sat down and drew out the plan of salvation for them and talked about all that. Even temples. it was great! They had tons of questions that I hopefully answered.

Evelyn came in (she was one of the drunk ones) and saw my diagram of the Plan of Salvation. She wanted to know what it was. I asked Trish if she wanted to explain it. She did! She taught Evelyn! Trish might come to church with me too. How cool would that be? Deann declined, but I bet if Trish came she would too. Anyway, we had a bunch of really great discussions. I quote scripture. I quoted the family proclamation. It just felt so good. I hope I'm planting some good seeds here. Evelyn did pay me a great compliment though. She said she respected my beliefs- and me- because I know what my beliefs are and I live by them. Trish completed me that I'm a very open minded person. That just makes me feel good. Anyway, I have a headache and a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Whew!

Love Heather

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