Saturday, July 11, 2015

Getting Settled

July 11, 2005

Hey- this is- to me- the same day. but a different date. I'm very tired! That was the longest plane ride ever! oh- I have to tell you now what i couldn't before. I walked in to the Dallas waiting room by my gate and there was this girl with barely a shirt on. she had peek a boo boobs that just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Yeah. of all the 300 people on the plane, who do I get put next to? Yeah. So I just never looked at her. She was from Nigeria.

Anyway, it was really exciting to look across the aisle and see England out the window! hee hee... I had to stand in an immigration line for a year- then I got my stamp in my passport! Yeah! I I exchanged some money and bought a bus ticket 15 pounds! Dang! that's almost 30 bucks! On the bus to London I sat next to a girl named Sarah from Hull, England. She was awesome. I felt like I had a new best friend. We talked and laughed the whole say to Victoria Station. She was lots of fun. She helped me find my next bus- gave me a hug and left. Sad. I should have gotten her email or something. She was cool.

Anyhoo- on the next bus I met some girls who were coming here for the same program so I got to know them a little. Mostly I just gaped at the buildings. We went through Winchester in London. I saw Trafalgar Square and some of the most amazing buildings I've ever seen! Whoa mama! it's beautiful here! I couldn't take it all in fast enough. I tried to pay attention as we left the city- but the country put me to sleep. Four hours all together from the airport. When we got here, Evelyn, Deann and I got our luggage and studied a map. we stared to walk towards the school- where we thought it was- and I saw a free bus. I asked the driver, a lady and a dude to help us and they did. The old lady told the driver right where to let us off. so- we got here.

Gonville and Caius (pronounced "keys") is amazing! The grounds are exquisite and the buildings are absolutely ancient! my particular college was founded in the 14th century. cool huh? anyway, so we got our papers and keys and stuff. My room is F8. I'm up two flights of spiral concrete stairs in the corner. With 5 million lbs worth of luggage- that's a lot of stairs! My room is small but nice. It will do. It's incredibly hot here! whew! I'm sitting here now at my desk with a cook breeze from my window. Out my window I can see chapels, steeples and I can hear all the cool bells. After I put my luggage down I had about 30 min before I had to take a tour. So I ran and took a shower. Oh. It's so hot and sticky here!

The view from my bedroom window-Trinity College

The tour was ok. It was like a 10 cent bargain tour. I came upstairs and read all the information I received and then changed for dinner. We all met in the Butter- our pub- and at 6:30 a gong was sounded with "dinner is served" and together was walked up the steps. I told them when i signed up I couldn't eat fish- so I got a vegetarian meal. I don't know what it was but it was sure good. I met a couple of girls from Jersey. Cool. After dinner we listened to some really old guy speak about Cambridge. I was way in the back and siting in a comfy window seat. I kept falling asleep so when the guy was done I decided to head to bed. I forgot I told mom I'd call her so I walked down the block to the red phone box. :) I am going to bed. I don't know how many times I've nearly fallen asleep while writing this. so... I'm done.

(the view looking down to the street from my bedroom window)
Goodnight! love, Heather

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