Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Search for Nessie

July 30, 2005

Hey! Today was quite an adventure! I got up really early this morning and got ready. I went out do meet Evelyn and Laura and they wren't in the lobby so I went alone to the bus stop. They showed up just before the bus. We went around and picked up other people and then went to the main coach. We were the only Americans on the tour. Our driver, Graham, kept calling me Miss Idaho. :) 

Hamish the Highland cow in Callander

He's actually quite famous and has his own website and facebook page
Sadly, I just read that he died last year. :(

It was a looooong bus ride but the highlands are so beautiful. Oh- there's nothing that can describe how gorgeous this area is! I love it! I think this is absolute heaven! It's paradise. 

Glencoe Canyon 

seriously- these pictures do not do it justice

I saw lots of lochs and many old castles. Graham was a good tour guide and pointed out lots of things. He told us all about the different clans and the wars. he talked a lot about war. He must really like that part of history. We stopped a few times for potty breaks and lunch- but mostly we were in a huge hurry. 

this was near the area where Hagrid's hut was built and filmed for Harry Potter
(so he said...)

We finally got up to Loch Ness a little before 2:00. Laura and I went on the Royal Scot and went Nessie hunting. 
Our sturdy vessel

It was freezing! But I was totally ok with it. 

I mean, we didn't see anything of course- but it was cool just to be there. I learned a lot. I was listening to a sailor talk to an English couple about Nessie. He said he's studied the loch for 22 years. He has concrete proof that Nessie exists but until he can assure the survival and protection of the animals- he won't come forward with it. He talked for a long time about it. he was pretty convincing. I don't know. Human's think they know so much- but they don't. I think it's entirely possible. 

Nessssieeeee, where aaaare yooooou?

Anyway- the boat trip only lasted about and hour then we got back on the bus. We went to all kinds of places  but the last half was pretty uneventful. I saw heather everywhere all day- but when we would stop- not a sprig to be found! Grr...

When we got back to Edinburgh, Evelyn and Laura wanted to go to a pub. I told them to go ahead I wanted to shop. I bought a few more little things then walked back to school. I stopped and got some Italian food on the way. I ate in my room and I'm totally stuffed!  I went to Deann's room and she was there with Joey- a kid from the program that she's been hanging out with the last couple of days. We swapped stories and showed off all the stuff we bought. It sounds like they had a really good day. I did. I'm glad I went even if it wasn't super exciting. Anyway, we're headed back to Cambridge tomorrow so I guess I'll see ya then. 

Love, Heather

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