Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Doctor!

I was going to write this long, loving post- but I just can't do it. I just watched The Day of the Doctor and I'm just sobbing too much to even see straight!

Doctor Who has made my life SO much more interesting. My only regret is that I didn't know about him sooner.

Wellllllllllll (you know how to say that word)

I'm also sad that this man wasn't in the 50th anniversary special,

but you can't have everything I suppose.

Happy Birthday, Doctor!!!

Let's Party!!!

and now? (please notice that there is a link there- because it will take you somewhere awesome!)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pride is bad but the the Fall is hilarious

Last night as I was preparing my Sunday School lesson, I was trying really hard to think of a way to break the ice with the class. I always like to start out with something funny- but I just couldn't think of anything. I spent more time on that than actually preparing the lesson.

So today the Lord said, "You want something funny to tell your class? I'll give you something funny."

I was running late for church. It is physically impossible for me to be early to church. I usually get there just as the announcements are being made. I was running a little later than usual this morning so I didn't have a chance to check myself out in the mirror to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be (I have fears of skirts tucked into pantyhose) so as I got out of the car and walked to the door I thought, "I'll just check myself out in the door as I walk in- it's a pretty good mirror." I was also thinking about the sock that was already coming off and bunching in my boot.

Anyway, when I got to the door, I looked up to see my reflection and wasn't looking where I was going. The toe of my boot hit the step and I went flailing forward. I was carrying books and my iPad so I didn't really have arms. I dropped my scriptures- but there wasn't really room to fall forward because the door was there. So I face planted into the glass door (Oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard as I write this I can't even see!) and my arm hit the edge of the bricks.

I popped up and turned around to see who else had seen that. There was a young couple walking towards me- asked if I was OK. Immediately I curtsied and hoped they enjoyed that performance. They said they didn't see it- but they heard it. (which, by the way I would just like to point out that I did not say [or even think] one naughty word [I know, I was shocked too.]) I just laughed and laughed. I was so in shock and I'd banged my forehead and I think I was knocked a little senseless. My arm was scraped up from the bricks and I thought, "no problem, I'm fine- I'll just go sit down." so I walked into sacrament meeting- thinking it was just a scrape.

I sat there for a second- got out my hymn book to sing- and then feeling started to come back into my arm. I looked at the scrape and saw blood running down my arm. So I left during the song and ran to the bathroom. One of the young women in the ward was there and said, "Oh WOW that looks BAD! Are you OK?" I laughed it off and sent her on her way. I cleaned it off and took an extra paper towel back to the chapel with me in case it got drippy again. The looks I got... hahaha even the chorister sitting up on the stand mouthed to me "what happened?"

So when I got to Sunday School and people started noticing before class and gasping in horror and asking what happened- it was my natural ice breaker for my lesson. I had to look no further. I was giggling so hard as I was telling them what happened that I don't even know if they could understand me. I apologized if my thoughts seemed scattered for the lesson because I was pretty sure I had brain damage from hitting my head.

That was the first time I got a good hearty laugh from the people in my ward. Most of the time I say something funny and there are crickets in the background. And just for the curious- yes, I went back later and looked at the door and there is a Bakeshow shaped grease streak sliding down the glass.

 I would say that the only thing that  I hurt was my pride, but now that it's a few hours old, it hurts like CRAZY- but the story is still so funny and the more I re-tell it in my head the more I laugh. There are two morals to the story I guess: pride goeth before the fall; or be careful what you pray for, you just might get it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Facebook Survey

The trend on Facebook right now is to list random things about yourself. Anadine is right, it's probably some really creepy way of getting personal information- but since I love talking about myself, I couldn't resist.

I'm pretty sure most of you who read this are already my friends on Facebook- but for the sake of those who aren't- I'm posting my trendy "about me" answers. And just know that I tried really hard to think of things I've never listed before.

I was given the number 12

1. I have found my identical hand twin- my mom. Nail beds, shapes, even the crooked right pinkie.

2. I have not had a caffeinated drink in over 18 years. It's not because of anything religious- one day I realized I was addicted and I didn't like that feeling- so I quit. To this day I adore the smell of Dr Pepper and if you're drinking one around me I'll probably ask you if I can smell it- resisting the wine while enjoying the bouquet.

3. I am a grammar nazi and I am probably judging you when you speak to me. But I still make mistakes sometimes and when I catch them I get really mad at myself.

4. Sometimes the cars passing on the freeway outside my window sound like the TARDIS and the first time I heard that sound I got so excited I almost cried... then remembered it's not real. :(

5. There are always two topics you can get me to talk about no matter how bad a mood I'm in:  the U.K and Disney.

6. I love super hero movies. Captain America is my favorite hero (not necessarily movie) because he's just a clean cut all-American boy with good values.

7. I purposely left the country for my 10 year high school reunion and plan on doing it again for the 20th.

8. I don't like contemporary adult novels. They are usually filled with smut, potty language and other garbage. I am usually reading YA novels or books written for children (that's what a read- that's what I write), or books that are over 100 years old.

9. I have always wanted to time travel- but I'm pretty sure if I did I'd be seen as a total freak show- someone my size would stand out- especially a female- and I'd probably be put in a sideshow or burned at the stake.

10. I love being in front of crowds because it means I am the center of attention. Teaching? giving a talk in church? no problem.

11. When I was 19 I wanted nothing more in the world than to be married and have kids. Now that I'm nearly twice that age and still single- I thank God every day for not answering that prayer.

12. I hate theme parks (that are not Disney.) My most horrible I-wish-I-could-crawl-under-a-rock-and-die moment happened at a theme park and now I hate, loathe despise and abominate them. (the incident almost happened again at a Disney park which would have made me hate them too- luckily I was saved at the last minute)

And to make it a Baker's Dozen-

13. It took me over an hour to write this.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reasons I cried today

My sister finally let me take her in to get her hairs did! I was so excited to go with her! I figured I'd get mine done at the same time (it needed it anyway).

Look how cute she is!


Me? Meh- I look about the same- but with a few less grays.


The kid who cut my hair was very unsure of himself even though he graduates next month. Scary. He was gentle enough with my hair but his conversation was painful. If he said the word "fabulous" one more time I was going to turn around and belt him.

But that's not the pain that brought tears. His learning leader came over to show him how to take bulk out of my hair. She pulled out her shears. "Please don't use those on me," I said, "They always hurt." She replied back as she cut, "Well he has to learn." and she proceeded to cut my hair with shears- pulling at it and making me jump. I flinched a lot- and said "Ouch- it really hurts" but she just smiled at me in the mirror and continued on. 

After she left he continued on but tried so hard not to hurt me. He was moving at a glacial pace so after a while the learning leader came back and took over (at this point I'd already been at the salon for four hours- my sister came an hour later than me and was already done with her color and cut and was sitting there watching). She took the shears from him and said she'd finish it. She then sat there and tore at my head. I sat in the chair and cried. It hurt soooooooo bad I couldn't help it. My eyes were closed and the pain was evident on my face because when she finally finished the student kept saying how sorry he was. I just sat there and wiped away the tears. When she was done, she claimed to be completely oblivious to my flinches and tears. Oh my gosh I've never felt so anything so excruciating. I have a very tender scalp and that was shear torture (did you see what I did there? see? I can laugh through my pain). 

The next set of tears were much happier. Tonight my Mom, sister and I had tickets to Brigadoon.

If you're new to this blog, let me just give you a little background by telling you I looooove Brigadoon. Heck, I love anything that has anything to do with Scotland. I'll go one further and say if it has anything to do with the U.K., I probably love it.

Ever since I was little this has always been my favorite musical. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that they sing a song about the heather on the hill- you decide. I just love the storyline- I love the music. I love the dancing [in the movie (um hello? ballet, Gene Kelly, kilts and bagpipes. The end)]. I just love the whole thing!

In fact- it has the one song that is absolutely definitive to my life. When people hound me about "finding a man" I just want to quote to them this song:

Many a lassie as everyone knows'll 
Try to be married before twenty five 
So she'll agree to most any proposal 
All he mus' be is a man an' alive 

I hold a dream an' there's no compromisin' 
I know there's one certain laddie for me 
One day he'll come walkin' o'er the horizon 
But should he not, then an old maid I'll be 

Foolish, ye may say 
Foolish I will stay 
Waitin' for my dearie, an' happy am I 
To hold my heart till he comes strollin' by 

When he comes, my dearie, one look an' I'll know 
That he's the dearie I've been wantin' so 
Though I'll live forty lives till the day he arrives 
I'll not ever, ever grieve 

For my hopes will be high that he'll come strollin' by 
For ye see, I believe 
That there's a laddie weary and wanderin' free 
Who's waitin' for his dearie, me! 

What do ye do while ye're waitin' around 
For your lad to come your way? 

Well, when no one is lookin', ye kneel on the ground 
An' ye pray an' pray an' pray 

But when lassies sit an' have no men 
Oh, how long becomes the night 

But I fear the night is longer 
When the lad's no' right 
Waitin' for my dearie is sweeter to me 
Than wooin' any laddie on the lea 

Dreamin' of your dearie an' idlin' the day 

That's how I am 
An' how I'll ever stay 
Though I'll live forty lives till the day he arrives 
I'll not ever, ever grieve 

For my hopes will be high that he'll come strollin' by 
For ye see, I believe 

That there's a laddie weary an' wanderin' free 
Who's waitin' for his dearie, me!

All my life I have wanted to see it performed on the stage. In fact,  in my next life when I come back as a Broadway performer- there are two dream roles that I would kill for. Miss Hanigan in Annie- and Meg Brockie in Brigadoon. I don't need to be the star- I want to be the comic relief.

This wasn't exactly "the big stage" but Hale always does a really good job and I was so excited to see it! I did a really good job about not thinking of it until this afternoon then I got all giggly and stupid. When we sat in our super awesome seats I thought, "Oh crap- I'm going to cry! dontcrydontcrydontcry." But within the first three seconds of the show when the live piper came up out of the stage playing his merry highland tune- I bawled. I couldn't even freaking see the stage. What a weirdo!!!

It was so good! I can pretty much guarantee I will be seeing it again. I saw the Monday cast- I want to go back and see the Tuesday cast. My only real critique is that they butchered the world's sexiest accent. But I forgave them I just enjoyed the show for the show's sake.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Leftovers

By the time I'd uploaded that lost post- Halloween was only half over. I hadn't even thought of this costume. My friends Ana and Christina had gotten us tickets to see the Odyssey Dance Co. "Thriller". I was planning to dress up- but I just figured I'd wear the black dress again and either do the witch thing- or last year's flapper stuff (which is basically the same thing except for the hat/headband and no stripy tights.

ANYWAY- I was getting dressed- still wearing my striped tights from work and found my striped shirt. I thought it would be funny to wear- little did I know at that moment that I was coming up with my favorite costume EVER and with stuff out of my own closet!  I put it on and said to my sister, "I look like a mime!" And from that second- I HAD to go to this dance thing as a mime. HAD TO.

Do you know how hard it is to find white makeup on Halloween? DO YOU!?  It's impossible! I checked every store between here and Orem! (that's not true) And finally my sister who is a freaking genius suggested I try regular old concealer for super pasty white people. Bingo!!! Plus it's better for my face!

I hurried and got made up- took a few pictures and headed to Kingsbury Hall downtown. It was a really fun show- all the dances were Halloween themed. I think my favorite was the glow in the dark bones. The prettiest one was the Frankenstein Monster and his bride (that was the only true ballet- the rest were all modern dance- and while I can appreciate modern dance, I don't Looooove it like I love ballet).

Ana wanted me to enter the costume contest- but I would only do it if she went with me. Of course the judges were little teeny bopper-ish college students so they didn't even take a first look at us- let alone a second look. Oh well.

The zombies were sufficiently creepy. They lurked amongst the crowd before the show. The clown who kind of stalled between acts was kind of funny. I stayed in character nearly all night and didn't speak to anyone- only mimed- and even when Ana wanted to get pictures with him- I didn't speak and he commented on my staying in character.


When I got home- I loved my costume so much I didn't want to change and wash it off. I was like a little kid. If I thought I could get away with it (read- wash it out of my pillowcase) I would have slept in it- but I snapped a few silly pics before it went down the drain.




I had WAY too much fun with this.