Friday, July 17, 2015

Going to Church

July 17, 2005

Well wasn't today an adventure?! I got up and got dressed for church. I walked to the bus stop where I saw buses for Cherry Hinton road yesterday. I waited 15 minutes- no buses even came down the road. So I walked to a busier street and still nothing. So I asked a local and she told me to walk there- it's not far- so I started to hoof it. Eventually I cam across the bus station so I asked a bus driver. He directed me to a certain stand- but bus came and I asked if the driver passed the Mormon church. He didn't know what it was and told me to take the next bus. So the next bus cam and I asked the driver- He didn't know either but someone on the bus said, "you're on the right bus!" so I got on and met a guy from Provo on his way to church. Thank Heaven for him! I would have never known where to go.

Church was ok. I was tired. The people were not friendly at all and I was feeling shy so I didn't speak to anyone. I did ask the elders for some copies of the Book of Mormon. When I asked him for 5 his eyes about popped out of his head! once I had them I went back to the bus stop. I got on the right bus and knew right where to get get off. All in all it took me 5 hours! whew! Walk? Ha! I don't know what that local was thinking!

I came back to my room and changed. I sat down to read Harry Potter and fell asleep. I woke up when my pater for tomorrow's presentation came. We worked for a while. I was frustrated so I finally just said, "You take France- I'll take Spain and we'll figure it out over breakfast!" So after dinner (which I'm grateful we had today- I was not expecting it) I finished my part of the presentation plus I noticed that it talks a lot about the Dutch too so I took that part as well.

Deann came over and we played farkle for an hour but she was tired. She went on the Granchester walk which I guess was like, 3 miles in the countryside and she was wearing flip flops. So she went to bed. I've been sitting here reading HP and I have to force myself to quit and go to bed. It's a new week! Can you believe I've been here for a week? Crazy!

love, Heather

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