Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bard's Big Day

So the other day was the Bard's 450th birthday. I had to work. I swear! So I'm celebrating a little late- but no less enthusiastically, I promise.

Now- I don't actually *own* any Shakespeare movies (do NOT tell my professors, they'll make me turn in my degree and to be perfectly honest, I don't know where it is and I don't think they'd take one printed off PrintShop). But I have a couple of movies inspired by Shakespeare. So this weekend I celebrated with Kiss me Kate (the Taming of the Shrew)

and I was going to also watch She's the Man (Twelfth Night)

To be honest, I really just wanted a reason to post this picture. Rawr...

but I got too chatty with friends online and via text. (It was well worth it, and if Shakespeare had done as much for me in my life as my girls have, then I would feel a smidge more guilty) Girls will be girls. Sorry folks. Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow and just keep the celebration going.

Hey William, remember that one time I came to your house?  and visited your grave? One of these days I'll post my pictures from England... my nine year old pictures. :-/

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So I was thinking...

It has been brought to my attention that I am an over-thinker. Seriously. Me. I know! It totally came as a bucket of ice water in my face too! What's sad though- is A. it's totally true and B. the person who said it really doesn't know me that well, so he's either super observant, or I hang my over-thinking out like bloomers on the laundry line. (I'm thinking it's the latter of the two).

I don't know that it's necessarily a bad thing to be an over-thinker. (oh my gosh... is this going to be a whole post analyzing being an over-thinker? Won't that just be proving everyone right?) There has got to be a place in the world for people who over analyze everything. Somewhere out there, there is a job for a crazed over-thinker. When you figure out what it is, let me know because I bet I would be so good at it!

Since I moved out- well even before then, but especially now- I've had a lot of time on my hands and I spend a lot of that time thinking. I think about the past and my woulda, coulda, shouldas, I think about my future and wonder how it will turn out- because the present is what totally baffles me.

I've been wondering what the heck is going on with me- why have I lived here for three years (nearly... ok, two and a half) and still not made friends? I know I've kind of touched on this before- but I have come to realize that I have a wee bit of social anxiety. I've never noticed that before- or put a label on it. This is a totally new thing to me.

All my life, I've had a security blanket- a wing (wo)man- to ease me into new society. I am completely without that here. I have attempted to go to firesides and stuff to meet people- friends. I just want friends! I'm not looking for love- but friends would be so nice. Sure, I've done things with people from work- but that is small group stuff. They aren't the kind of friends who are going to go to a church activity with me or introduce me to that kind of crowd- the kind of crowd where I can find kindred spirits- real bosom buddies.

It rather disturbs me that I have always been so dependent on others. I never knew that about myself. Everyone always says how fun and friendly I am and how it's so easy for me to make friends. Oh- if you only knew. One of the things I hate doing the most is meeting new people. The turmoil that it causes could sink ships.

BUT now that I know I have this problem and it's identified and labeled, I can work on it. A big portion of it is going to be just sucking it up and doing things I don't like- like going to activities alone. It scares the living liver out of me. Like, to the point where I really just kind of want to crawl under my blanky and cry a little.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Playing with blocks

I'm blocked.

I have it. The writer's disease. I totally have writers block. I have been wanting so badly to post something. I mean, if for no other reason, so I'll have something new to read when I blog stalk myself. But I've got nothing. I even went to a blog prompt site again (I don't know why I keep trying, every time I do it turns out stupid) and tried to get ideas. 

I hopped on here and wrote like, a paragraph about sharks. Who freaking cares about sharks? Or my irrational fear of them- and the fact that there are some now living in the same valley as me. A landlocked valley were if it were to flood- they'd be swimming in the same pool as me? {shudder} But no one cares about that and it bores me to write about it.

The stuff I *do* want to write about, I can't. It either will offend someone- or drive people away and I'm just trying to gain a readership here, people. I'm trying to get more than my parents to read my blog!

When I was in college and I was blocked but had an assignment due, I'd just sit down and start blabbing on and on about nothing, and that's how my first book was written. Seriously. I'd spent weeks and weeks on an outline for this assignment- and within a matter of four hours I'd written something completely different, fleshed out and when I turned it in my professor said it was ready to go to publication as is. 

Yeah- that's what blocking used to get me. Now? Now I just sit here and blither on and still can't come up with anything. I have so much on my mind that I can't think a straight sentence. 

Have you seen Captain America yet? Sigh... it's even better the second time.

See? I'm all over the place. I'm like Dug. Squirrel! 

I can't concentrate on any one thing for very long... well, sometimes one thing in particular but then- squirrel!

Maybe I have spring fever? 

Maybe the sun gave me the power, 
for I could swim Loch Loman and be home in half an hour

Somebody help me put my brain to rest! There's not enough room in here for everything!!! I want to run, I want to sleep, I want to watch TV, I want to clean. I want to be selfish, I want to serve, I want to work, I want to call in sick, I want to read, I want to sleep, I want to visit with people, I want to be left alone, I want to act like a teenager, I'm determined to pretend I'm a grown up...



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Lovelies

First and foremost- Happy Tartan Day!


No seriously, it's really a thing!

My sister Kim and I went to the first session of General Conference yesterday. It was of course completely awesome. It was hilarious when the guys behind us photobombed us!

And of course it's always lovely to be in the presence of Prophets and Apostles and MoTab is always a treat.

Temple Square was absolutely beautiful. It was frickin freezing- but the flowers and blossoms were so heavenly. Hooray for spring!

Today watching the first session I had the thought, "15 million members of the church and they have a session that was meant exactly for me. That was nice of them."

And Conference Sunday is always special when you live at my house because that means STICKY BUNS!!!!

I'm obs not a pro at food photography- but these sticky buns are freaking incredible! Because I'm filled with love and charity today, I will share the recipe (it's so easy it's embarrassing).

24 frozen Rhoads Rolls
1 package of butterscotch pudding mix
1 cup of butter
1 cup of brown sugar

Put the frozen rolls in a bundt pan (it has to be a bundt pan because it needs the center part or it won't cook all the way through- I tried and it doesn't work)
Spread the ingredients over the rolls (I mix the butter and sugar first)
And sprinkle with cinnamon 

Cover them with a towel and let them raise overnight

In the morning, cover them with tin foil and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, remove the foil and bake for about 10 more minutes. (I bake it on a cookie sheet because it overflows!!!)

I haven't perfected the art of taking them out of the pan in a pretty way, but boy howdy are these little suckers tasty!

You're welcome. :)