Friday, September 30, 2011

Some More Upcoming Dates You Need to Add to Your Calendar

  October has a long list of observances. There are a few though, that I will not be tipping my metephorical hat to though.

Columbus day? Oct 10.

lame... why do we need to celebrate a guy who got lost and didn't ask for directions?

No Salt Week?  Oct 3-10.

forget that. I'll probably celebrate by eating the salt that other people leave out.

National Depression Screening Day? Oct 8.

That sounds like a barrel of laughs.

Cranky Co-Workers Day? Oct 27.

I celebrate that every time I go to work.

But I guess there are a few that I think I can get behind and celebrate for celebration's sake.

October is National Pizza Month

You've twisted my arm. Let the celebration begin!

National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day. Oct 12.

If I knew where any of my teddy bears were, I'd totally celebrate this!

National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Oct 18
actually, i just wanted a reason to post this picture again.

Ummm... It's almost against everything I believe to *not* celebrate this day! I need to find a good cupcakery in Salt Lake since I can't invade Cocoa Bean.

National Grouch Day. Oct 15

This one should be easily celebrated as well.

And of course October has two of the greatest celebrations- which makes it better than any other month (because the other months only hold one).



The Worldwide Celebration of....


Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day Off in the Life of Me

People are constantly coming up to me on the streets, and the stores asking, "Bakeshow, how is that you spend your time? What do you do all day?"

ummm... ok. That's not *entirely* true.

Ok, it's not true at all.

But the following is a true account of how I spent this particular day off, which, sad to say- was one of the more exciting days off I've had since I moved here (date night excluded).

Wake up around 8:30 push snooze.

Wake up again around

yes this is really the clock in my room. like the doily?

Proceed to freak out that I'm going to be late for work- remember it's my day off and lay there till I go back to sleep, have weird dreams and finally wake up with a headache around 10:00.

Shower. Then leisurely lay around in my robe until someone knocks on the front door- throw on the first clothes my hands touch to run to the door and let my aunt in (she locked herself out!)

Blog. Stalk. My. Friends.

Go grocery shopping/exploring.

I actually took this photo. I was trying to give my friend reasons to visit me.

I was not considering purchasing these, but I did carry them around to use as a weapon just in case (West Valley is Ga-hetto!).

Get my very own library card!!!!!! {{{highlight!}}}

bad hair day, thank you.

Drive around until I can find a classy place for dinner.

"Well, we dream on a budget here, don't we?" Name the movie!

Read outside until the sun goes down.

Then catch up on my shows now that I know how to work the OnDemand feature.

Then I got really, really excited when the book that my mother mailed to me TWO WEEKS AGO finally arrived (I accidentally left my library book at home last time I visited.) Seriously, the Pony Express could have gotten it here faster.

And that, my friends is how I spent my day.

Riveting, right?

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm not one for super religious-y posts. But today you get a semi religion oriented post.


I was off work yesterday. I had worked till 2 am, then got up, got ready and headed to church. I thought it was going to be stake conference- but it was just a special meeting because they were combining two stakes together and redrawing ward boundaries.


But, I was there, so I stayed....... for most of it.

Because it was two stakes, they had Internet feed from the live session over into the other building. I got "the other building." No biggie. I'm a Mormon. I know what it's like to watch church on TV occasionally.  But this was not closed circuit TV. It was web cam. So the sound was awful. When I walked in and heard the prelude music, I honestly thought someone was playing the hymns on steel drums. In Utah? Whatever floats your boat. But that's just what the organ sounded like over the computer and into the sound system. The picture was jumpy at best and half the time I thought I was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher (mwaa   mwwa mwwaa waaaa) but still- I persevered.

Then they lost feed.

People were talking at full voice- not whispering at all- even when they got the program running again. Kids were running around screaming and parents were doing nothing about it. Why should they? It wasn't a "real" meeting? There was no speaker present to be disrupted. [Really people?]  So as soon as they passed out maps and said which wards meet where and when, I was outta there.

Still feeling like I needed something of a normal Sunday- I was too late to go to another building's 11:00 meeting and I wasn't gonna wait around till 1:00, I went here.

I found more peace just sitting in the parking lot and reading my scriptures than I did that horribly chaotic meeting. I understand those meetings need to be had- and I'm all for organizing and rearranging, (of course I am! It means growth!!!) but I've only lived here a few weeks. I barely know what ward I'm in as it is. I don't care if it gets moved around. Nothings really changed for me either way.

Between work and general conference, it will be the middle of October before I get to go to a real block program for church. They have a short sacrament meeting at the hospital- maybe I'll try to get to one of those.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clearly I need to wash my eyes out with bleach after work

You know, working in a hospital you think you'd come across some things now and then... well... ok, let me start over....

There is a reason I did not go into the "medical field."

"But Bakeshow," you say, "don't you work in a hospital?"

Why yes, avid blog reader, I do. But I'm not on the clinical side, I do the clerical stuff. I get the paperwork moving and take money from people. Sometimes their last six dollars.

I didn't go into a profession that deals with the gooey-ness that comes along with being human. Ew. I don't do well with slime, and I do *not* want to see nekkedness. I would like to say it's because I'm soooo innocent... but it probably boils down to basic immaturity.  (I still chant I see London I see France... sometimes).

Over the last year, I've seen my fair share of... whatever people don't cover up, but it seems that in the last month- people are doing everything they can to give me anatomy lessons.

I was going to go into detail... but I'm actually hoping that someday I can block the mental images. Especially the ones that were burned into my head today.  And it's not that I'm just walking in on them- today a nurse told me it was ok to come in the room... yeah... the phrase, "oh, we're all girls" doesn't mean a thing in some cases... And then when I knock on the door and no one says, "hang on a minute..." I'm gonna assume it's ok to come in... I just... ugh...

And Mr. I Practically Sawed My Arm Off At Home But I'm Just Going To Let It Bleed Openly While You Take My Address Info, Thanks. I didn't really like what I had for lunch anyway.

If ever there was a day to start drinking... today might have been a contender.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I learned the last two days

1. That I want to marry my bed. I love my bed. I miss my bed.

2. The antiques displays at the fair never change. I mean NEVER! and the same people win every year. Also, it would be nice if they would put the year on the items so we'd know just how antique they are.
3. I should enter stuff in the Fair- because my cakes and amateur photos are just as good as theirs (in my unprofessional opinion).

4. My brother can do an uncanny imitation of my voice- well enough that even his own daughter thought she was talking to me on the phone...  (Ummm... does this mean I sound like a man doing a falsetto voice?)

5. Snow White could have totally happened.  I choked on an apple at the fair. There was a handsome "prince" but I'm pretty sure he was already married and 21 years old.... plus, he didn't offer a kiss, only a drink of water. I'll take what I can get, I guess.

PS- I saw this guy do this trick in real life (apparently he went from America's biggest stage to... uhhh... well, the free stage at the Eastern Idaho State Fair).

I recognized him from last season's show and was grossly intrigued by him so I made my sister sit and watch for a while.  I will say, he has a rather slow stage presence... but I- for the life of me- do not know how he does that lifesaver thing.  Well done, creepy magic guy, well done.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best Date Ever!

Last night I went on the best date I've ever been on! The best food, the best entertainment and the best company!

heh... a heh heh...

Ok, I went on a date with me. 

I've been clamouring for a while that I want to live in a real city where things are going on all the time- and for each evening of my first week here, I hid in the basement and read (which was lovely, don't get me wrong. It's been a long time since I've had a quiet comfy spot to just read.).  I figured it was time for me to get out though and since I don't have any friends here- I had to go with me.  It's ok. Most of the time I like me.

I looked online to see what was happening- and a theater near me was putting on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat- but the only time they were showing tickets available was at 4 pm... it was already 6:30... hmmmm... so I decided to go to a movie. Everyone has been raving about The Help so I thought I'd go find some dinner and go to the movie.

I ate at the Training Table because A) it's good and B) it was close to the movie theater.

One thing that I like living in a bigger city is the level of anonymity I have. I don't have to worry about eating alone. People may look at me funny... but I don't give a rat's rear what they think. I'll never see them again. So I took my book and enjoyed a big fat cheeseburger.

When I left the restaurant, I noticed next door was the theater where Joseph was playing (I didn't know it was there- honestly) and saw people streaming into it. I wondered if there was an evening performance that I didn't know about.  People were parking in far away parking lots and walking to the theater. As I drove by, a spot opened up near the front. I took that as a sign. I pulled into the spot and thought I'd just go in and ask if there was anything available, if not, no biggie because my movie still had an hour before it started.

The show was sold out- and I got in line behind a couple who had ordered tickets and were very upset that there was not record of them... understandably... but long story short- my name didn't even make it on the stand by list. Why? oh, because two seats opened up before they even needed to get my name! I took one of them and got into the show! ChaChing!

I think I took the seat next to a guy on a double date- and he either got cancelled on or stood up. Sorry dude.  I sat mashed into a corner seat with my legs tucked up to my chin- but I didn't care. I was so excited to even be in the show!

Two words. Awe. Some!

It was the best live production I've seen of Joseph. Incredible talent an costuming. It's a small theater in the round and the way they used the space was fabulous.  I can't say enough good about it. I'd go again. I might. I have a lot of free evenings coming up.

Anyway, I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I still want to see The Help, but this was a way funner surprise.  I am definitely going to their next production!