Monday, October 31, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady

A week or so ago my friend Wendy posted a picture Facebook- saying that she had a kitten that needed a home. I responded to it that she shouldn't tempt me so. She IMed me the next day saying that she also had another kitten- one that had an injury who also needed a home.

They are twins- well, they were triplets but their other sister was eaten by an owl. The runt was rejected by her mother and attacked- hence the injury. Wendy and her family nursed her back to health- but she is still much smaller than her sister. I instantly fell in love and said I wanted them. If I'm going to take one- and be gone so much working two jobs- then I wanted her to have a friend to play with and since they're sisters they already get on.

A week or so later after they'd been taken in for shots and to be fixed, my family picked them up and brought them to me.  I cried a little when I met them. I am so excited to have them in my home! It's been a long time since I've had a kitty. I find that I grow too attached and it's hard when I lose them. Plus the work- and expense... not to mention the smell... anyway, I got over all my qualms and decided it was time to come home to something that would love me.

My family is so silly. They threw me a baby kitten shower! hahaha! that's ok, It's the only kind of shower I'll ever get so I'll take it. There were even presents!

As I sit here typing this they're fighting on the floor... I hope it's all in fun... I've never had two kittens at once... I guess it's a learning period for all of us.

The names I have decided on are Elphaba (Elfie) and Nessa Rose. 

This is Elfie. She's the big sister. She's a good girl, but a little big wicked. She gets into trouble a lot. A lot. But she's so darn adorable.

 Little sister is Nessa Rose- she has a gimpy leg and hard time walking- but she just wants to be loved. She loves to cuddle and I'm gonna need to make sure her sister lets her get something to eat every once in a while. The Dr said she may grow out of her injury. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This is what you do when you are too lazy to get out of bed to eat (Nessa)

And like a typical child, it's more fun to play with the box than the actual toy that came in it (Elfie)

Today- Halloween- I called in sick to both jobs. We had a little bug going around our family this weekend and today it was my turn. So we just sat here and chilled. This is what most of the day looked like:

I think -until they scratch up my couch- we're going to get along just fine.