Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sleep and homework

July 19, 2005

Hello! Today was a busy day! Well, lazier than the last few have been. I got up and wen to breakfast. we went over my presentation with Deann and then studied a little. I wanted to read HP so I read, then fell asleep for a couple of hours. The Bedder (housekeeper) came while I was asleep. Oops. So my bed didn't get made. Oh well. I heard her come in- but I was so asleep I couldn't move. I went to lunch with Deann. We check our mail then went to this little cafe that had little pizzas. I came back to my room and studied more then fell asleep again.

A few hours later we met at tea and decided to blow off dinner. It was fish again. We walked around and found a restaurant called The Cow. We had pizza and garlic bread. It was really good. I needed more chocolate so we went to the store then came home. We all had a ton of homework to do so we split up. I went to the computer lab and wrote my paper. It was pretty easy. I had written most of it this afternoon, i just needed to type it up. I proof read Trish's paper and read mine. Then I came back to my room and worked on my presentation til the girls came and we played farkle. It was fun. At 11:00 I kicked them out and now it's off to beddy bye!

Love, Heather

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