Sunday, February 23, 2014

Small updates

This no Internet thing is for the birds. So this week I am calling and setting an appointment to have it installed in my new home. Seriously. Going without Facebook and Candy Crush for like, 12 hours at a time is killing me. Also, I miss catching up on my blog stalking. Oh wait... none of you blog anymore. Ok, it's just me then?

I have watched nearly the entire series of Friends in the last two weeks- so I need to get real TV so I can watch other stuff.

I had my first guests at Hotel Heather this weekend! I think my favorite quote from the weekend went something like this: "Natalie is a princess. She could feel a pea through eight mattresses." "And Melissa is the kind of girl who could pee through eight mattresses."

I guess you had to be there... it was really funny. By the way- I'm open for more guests- so come on down!

Speaking of the new digs- I finally have my tax returns back- so as soon as I can get the stuff I want to buy, and get my sister Kim down here to help me decorate, then- and only then- will I post pictures!  It's still a work in progress, and just be aware that no matter how much money I spend, I will never get the kitchen to look good. It's just a nasty @$$ kitchen that is beyond all help. Also, the flesh colored tiles in the bathroom... ugh. (I'm not complaining- seriously- I'm so happy to have a place to call my own! I'm just forewarning you so that when the pictures are posted you don't think that I had anything to do with them.)

Friday, February 14, 2014

You have to love this post!

Because it's about love and Valentine's and that kind of crap.

Since this is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite-est day of the year *coughliescough* I thought I'd make a post of things I love. Not necessarily in this order- but seriously, these are SOME of the things I love.





SHERLOCK!!!! (which- incidentally, I just watched the third one from this year and OH MY GOSH!




Apollo Burgers

Dr Who



My Savior



Hope your day is filled with things you love!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Missing Melanie

I really really REALLY miss my sister. It's still a rare day that I go without crying- or tearing up at the very least. I'm still having trouble looking at pictures of her. I lose it every time I see her handwriting. So many times a day I think- "Oh, I need to call and tell Mel..." It's usually some random bit of geekiness that only she would appreciate.

Also, I find myself using the phrase, "The last time I  [fill in any random activity] my sister was alive." Over the last week or so it's become less frequent, and I'm really trying not to think about stuff like that. It's like I've started measuring time by her passing.

I wonder what she's doing. Is she working hard? Is she still partying? Does she miss us? or is it easier for her now because she has a better view of the Big Picture? I firmly believe that when you pass on- you keep your personality and habits from this life, so is she able to watch the Olympics? Because seriously- she loved them. Or is she busy sharing the gospel- you know, doing more important stuff?

This is the last pic of the two of us. Christmas Adam- I wanted proof she was at the party before she left.

It still hardly seems real. It's like she's still here- just not somewhere I can talk to her. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic par-tay!

Sorry folks- There's so much to say and I just don't know where to start. It doesn't help that I don't have Internet at my new house yet so I have to mooch off work or go to my aunt's house.

I have so much I want to talk about- being home and my sister and the funeral (that some people have said was the funnest funeral they've ever been to- something that would have tickled Melanie pink). I know I need to talk about the new house. There are before and uhhh... in between pictures to post (I can't say after, because I'm still living in the in between. I don't know where to put stuff- so it all remains in boxes and is still virtually undecorated).

All those posts will come... well, OK, that's ambitious. some of those posts will come. But today, I want to talk about something fun! Did you see the opening ceremonies!? It's OLYMPIC time! WOO HOO!! I don't know what it is about the Olympics, but I just love them. And ever since I found out- years ago- that they would be in Russia, I've been so excited because I knew they would have a killer awesome opening ceremony! I was not disappointed.

In my new Olympic tradition we had our international dinner. I couldn't be home for this one- so I made my aunt and cousins do it instead. It coincided with my cousin's birthday, so that made it easier.

We started out with some fun decor. My aunt and members of her family have traveled all over the world so we had some fun authentic additions to the table.

[slight side note- I was really annoyed with the party store because when I was looking for a Union Jack, there was nothing in the United Kingdom slot... but the Great Britain bin was full. Really? They get two bins? It's the same country. Oh- and they had an example flag attached to the UK bin... but it was the Australian flag. Proof that you don't need to major in Geography or Social Studies to work at Zurchers]

And then we hung the flags- which will remain throughout the duration of the Olympics.

For the food- we tried to represent as many countries as possible while keeping it within reason (and yes, some of them are major stretches of the imagination- but like I've said before, we dream on a budget here. Represented were: France, Switzerland, Armenia, China, Italy, Mexico,Germany, Greece and of course Russia and the USA!

Melanie would have been so proud- I tried new things and actually liked them!

Go Team USA!!!