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Edinburgh Castle

July 29, 2005

Och aye- Thar's another dey goon! Ha! Today was good. I way great but it was wet all day and I think I'm getting sick. Other than that it was good. We got up and had breakfast. We met our bus and drove into downtown Edinburgh and went to Edinburgh Castle. 

The castle was setting up for the military tattoo. We missed it by FOUR damn days!

The entrance to the castle

It was ok. It was mainly military stuff which is cool- but it would have been better had it been more about Mary Stuart. The parts that were, were really neat. 

Tricia, Eunice, and the other Heather
This was about the time I uttered the immortal words, "I'm just not having a good time right now."

The rest of it was pretty hum drum. It didn't help that we were all wet and miserable. It was more mist than rain so umbrellas did nothing.

the view of the city from the castle turrets

The Great Hall

Anyway, we shopped and found some stuff then we walked the royal mile and did a lot of shopping. Well- I looked while D and T shopped. I really wanted to go to Holyrood Palace but I just didn't have time. We stopped for lunch at The Filling Station. It was good. It felt nice to sit down. Anyway- we just shopped some more and met the bus.

We got back to Pollack halls around 5:00 and Tricia wanted to call it a night. Deann wanted to go to a Jazz festival. I was not about to quit Edinburgh at 5:00- and I wasn't really into jazz.

The view from Pollack Halls

So I gathered a few people to just go wander. One girl dropped out before we left and another when we were a block away. So there were three of us. We window shopped and found a few places still open. One of the girls, Bonnie, was intent on having Chinese food. Sarah and I were not hungry so Bonnie went to eat while we shopped. I spent a ton of money! I bought presents for people at home- and something for me! :) We met up with Bonnie again and did some more shopping on the royal mile.

Downtown Ediburgh

 Cool stores! I love plaid! sadly, I did not hear one note of live bagpipe music! It was very sad. :( We walked back to the dorms and I'm gonna call it a night because I'm gonna get up early and catch a bus to Loch Ness. Cool eh?

Love, Heather

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