Wednesday, November 30, 2016

That one November Post

Here we are again in the final thoes of the month and I'm scrambling to post something. These are pictures I pulled off my phone.

For my birthday my cousin gave me a game called beanboozled. It's with jelly belly's that are either really good- or really gross. I mean, Really. Gross. It gives you beans that look alike. Are you eating Tootie Fruity? or is it Dirty Socks? Coconut or spoiled milk? Peach or Dead fish?

I made my nieces Shayla and Macy play with me. Also joining us were Shayla's boyfriend Alex and my nephew Dallin. I'll just let you peruse the pictures to decide if they were eating good beans or gross beans.

I think nephew got a decent one.

I was brave and tried a couple too. I got Grass Clippings (actually not that bad) and then I took my life into my hands and tried a white one... coconut! whew! Everyone I've talked to about this game has told me how horrible the spoiled milk is. I was safe!

Most of the time Alex either got good ones- or he had a good poker face about the bad ones. Not Dead Fish though, that one made him gag.

Macy got a few gross ones- but finally she got a good one!

Rotten Egg nearly killed Shayla.

Also on my phone are numerous pictures of my kitties. Why? because they're freakin adorable and they wont be little for very long. They stink and they are total pains in the butt- but oh my gosh they're adorable. Nessa just passed out in my lap one day. Just so sweet.

They were not super helpful as I put up my tree.

When I sit them down to take pictures, this is usually the kind of picture that I'm aiming for.


But this is usually what I get. It's hard to get them both to sit still at the same time.

The other day I was trying to help my niece Sadie edit her college entrance essays. The girls wanted to help too. I'm not raising kittens, I'm raising octopi! They are so wiggly and all over the place. As soon as I sit down with a device, they are in my face, on the keyboard and generally being a nuisance.

The most interesting thing on my phone right now is the picture of this letter. It is a letter I wrote to myself in 1998. I spent a couple of years collecting special Christmas ornaments and I guess 1997 was the year I finally put that tree up. When I put the tree away I wrote a letter to myself, I guess knowing I wouldn't use those ornaments again for a while. This year I pulled them out of my parent's basement and put that tree up. I completely forgot about the letter. 

In case you can't read my 20 year old chicken scratch, it says:

            Jan 5, 1998

So Heather-

You finally moved out? Wow- either that or [you're] dead and people are going through your stuff . Pretty boring huh?
So since I'll just just assume you're not dead- Why did you move out? You're not married yet are you? Nah- [probably] not. What happened? Did you finally get sick of being home? or did they kick you out? What's going on in your life? Right now you're still at good ol' Fred Meyer. Although you did just put in an application to Idaho Central Credit Union. Did you get it? I sure hope so! Well, gotta finish unpacking so I'll let you go!

Remember who you are!
Love, Yourself.

Huh... so was I psychic? Or is it self-fulfilling prophecy? I don't know. I just know I'm a nut. I wonder if I have any other random letters to myself floating around out there...? huh...

By the way, I did not get the job at ICCU. Probably a good thing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

I don't know what happened to October- it went by in a blur. I've been meaning since September to make sure I was registered to vote- and to mail my vote in so I wouldn't have to stand in line. Well, today sneaked up on me like a thief in the night. I missed the deadline to register online- truthfully, I thought I was already registered so I wasn't in that big of a hurry. 

Long story short- I dropped the ball on being preemptive with voting. I only had to work the one job today, that was lucky. As soon as I got off work I went to city hall. I had originally planned on going to another location (Utah is weird, you can vote anywhere within your county, you don't have assigned poll locations) but I had a hunch I was might not be registered so I went to city hall just in case there were issues. There were issues.

I stood in line maybe 20 minutes when I heard a worker say the line was at least an hour and 45 minutes long. Oi! I took a chance and left my place in line to ask about registration. I was not registered. She gave me the paperwork I needed to fill out and some suggestions of places to go with shorter lines. The one I originally planned on was at the top of the list! 

I took the paperwork and headed over there. It was a church.I got there and the line was livable. It was a beautiful day so I didn't mind standing outside. I was also standing next to a super handsome guy- but he didn't give me the time of day- figures. I talked to the other people around me though. We talked about getting a singalong going, but I chickened out.

So I got up to the front of the line, handed the guy my registration form- which was good that I already had it filled out because he had a line of 4 other people who were filling theirs out- so I jumped to the front of that line. 

It wasn't quite so cut and dry though. He couldn't find my address. Ummm... it's there. I promise. It's on my ID- the gas and electric companies seem to find me just fine. He had to call the help desk and even when they finally picked up- THEY couldn't find me either. My address doesn't exist, apparently. 

While I was standing there some bored little girls took the last of the I Voted stickers. Rotten little kids who weren't even 18 and couldn't vote! ugh! Everyone was a little put out that they didn't get their stickers. Seriously. People would ask for their sticker and be super annoyed when they were told no.

Finally, somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes later, two workers changing jobs,  the whole line that was behind me was nearly gone, all the people I'd been talking to had registered, voted and bailed.. Finally they were able to figure out my address. I guess what he needed was to see which precinct I belonged to and no one could figure it out.

I'd had to wait long enough that someone had had time to go to another polling location and get more stickers. They only brought back like, 15, but I got one! They asked if I wanted a sticker and I said, "Heck yes, I do! I waited a LONG time for that sticker!

I got to vote. I'm so happy I did! And it was a lesson to me to get my crap together and do it earlier next time. 

As per tradition on Election Day, I watched Disney's One and Only Genuine, Original Family Band. And as always, the speech that Buddy Ebson makes at the end stands out- especially in this somewhat traumatizing Presidential race.

"Apparently the next President of the United States has been chosen and the future... has been settled. And nothing we can do here now is going to change things one iota.  I know some of you have been bitterly disappointed.  I want to pass along to you something that was told me many years ago by a man whom I have respected and admired more than any man I have ever met. A man who never wavered in his conviction that we here together can build the greatest united country in the whole bloomin' world if you'll just remember one thing. 'There's a time to stand up and fight for what you believe in and there is a time to join hands and work together or all the fighting doesn't mean a thing.'"

I truly believe that. I'm terrified to watch the returns. I dread either major party candidate as president, but come what may, God- not the president- is in charge and we will just have to continue working to make this country a blessed and choice land.

If nothing else, I earned the right to complain. Hooray for voting!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady

A week or so ago my friend Wendy posted a picture Facebook- saying that she had a kitten that needed a home. I responded to it that she shouldn't tempt me so. She IMed me the next day saying that she also had another kitten- one that had an injury who also needed a home.

They are twins- well, they were triplets but their other sister was eaten by an owl. The runt was rejected by her mother and attacked- hence the injury. Wendy and her family nursed her back to health- but she is still much smaller than her sister. I instantly fell in love and said I wanted them. If I'm going to take one- and be gone so much working two jobs- then I wanted her to have a friend to play with and since they're sisters they already get on.

A week or so later after they'd been taken in for shots and to be fixed, my family picked them up and brought them to me.  I cried a little when I met them. I am so excited to have them in my home! It's been a long time since I've had a kitty. I find that I grow too attached and it's hard when I lose them. Plus the work- and expense... not to mention the smell... anyway, I got over all my qualms and decided it was time to come home to something that would love me.

My family is so silly. They threw me a baby kitten shower! hahaha! that's ok, It's the only kind of shower I'll ever get so I'll take it. There were even presents!

As I sit here typing this they're fighting on the floor... I hope it's all in fun... I've never had two kittens at once... I guess it's a learning period for all of us.

The names I have decided on are Elphaba (Elfie) and Nessa Rose. 

This is Elfie. She's the big sister. She's a good girl, but a little big wicked. She gets into trouble a lot. A lot. But she's so darn adorable.

 Little sister is Nessa Rose- she has a gimpy leg and hard time walking- but she just wants to be loved. She loves to cuddle and I'm gonna need to make sure her sister lets her get something to eat every once in a while. The Dr said she may grow out of her injury. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This is what you do when you are too lazy to get out of bed to eat (Nessa)

And like a typical child, it's more fun to play with the box than the actual toy that came in it (Elfie)

Today- Halloween- I called in sick to both jobs. We had a little bug going around our family this weekend and today it was my turn. So we just sat here and chilled. This is what most of the day looked like:

I think -until they scratch up my couch- we're going to get along just fine.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Once Upon a September

There's no minute like the last minute, right? I promised myself I would blog this month and I just never find the time and motivation at the same time. Most of my days have been like this:

But I did do *some* fun things in September. The following pictures are representative of how I spent my month.

At work we had a little "It's 5:00 somewhere" party just before labor day.  It was so fun! And everyone really chipped in. We had all kinds of daiquiris and margaritas (all virgin of course, we were on the clock... and most of us are Mormon). There was also stuff to make Shirley temples. I got really good at being the mix master. Even for the next few weeks with the leftovers people would ask me to make them a margarita.

For Labor Day my sister and her kids came to stay with me. We didn't have major plans, but one of the things we'd always wanted to do was go to the Swiss Days festival in Midway, Ut.

We got up bright and early- much earlier than they would have liked for a Saturday, and headed up to mountains.

Here are pictures from when we were still happy and enjoying each other.  By the end of the day we had some pretty grouchy kids.

Road trips are always fun, even if they're short.

A few posts ago I wrote about small town parades and how I'm not a fan.  Well, Midway is a dinky, tiny town- but they had the most awesome parade I've been to in years! Chubbuck Days needs to take lessons!

I didn't take statistics like I did last time- because I was really expecting a rinky dink parade.

The little girls in their Swiss attire were just adorable- as well as the little chalet.

They had bands. Like, legit bands!

And they were marching in proper band uniforms.

Again, with the cute kids in the traditional dress.

It was Swiss Days, sure, but everyone is always included- even the Irish dancers. They were great!

I'm thinking the reason I took a picture of this train is because the name on it is the last name of Sadie's friend... but even still, it was cute.

There were some things that I thought were a little out of place in a parade, but who knows. I can't see anything in this picture. I don't know why I took it. (bahahaa)

One thing I expect in a small town parade- especially in the West- Horses! Chubbuck Days had NONE! This parade was full of horses. So even though this is a political entry- it is forgiven because it is a horse and buggy.

Did you notice before when I mentioned bands it was plural? Because there were several! Even the cute little oldies got out there and had a band performance.

More horses!

And a headless Horseman!

A pioneer town *should* have a covered wagon in the parade! It just *should*.

There were also cheerleaders. The Chubbuck Days parade totally lacked civic pride. None of the local schools were represented.

Even the LDS missionaries got involved! They were being pulled on living room couches. Ha!

Another band! Not marching, but still awesome!

There were even some floats. Way to go!

And an appearance from Smoky the Bear! Woohoo! Celebrities! This parade had it all!

They totally pulled a house down the street! Again, sure they were adverts, but at least it was more than a flatbed truck with a few balloons tied to it. Isn't this house the cutest thing? It's kind of my dream home... just maybe... Heather size.

Another band. In band uniforms. I think these guys were playing the them from the Incredibles!

To be fair to the Chubbuck Days parade, this parade also had heavy equipment entries. I still don't get why.

Again with the Swiss traditional dress. So cute!

This is only a fraction of the parade. It was like, two hours long. Ok, maybe only an hour- but it seemed to go on forever! Whenever we thought it was over, more stuff would come around the corner. At on point we thought it was done, so we walked away- only to hear the dulcet tones of bagpipes on the air! I ran back to the parade route- I can't *believe* I almost missed the pipe band!

In the town hall they had several different performances. The one I stayed for was a bell choir. It was awesome! They played songs from all around the world. There was also a performance from the One Voice Children's Choir but I didn't see them. Sadie did and said they were great!

Out in the main pavilion there were other performers. I came across a friend from the hospital who is in a Barbershop choir, their performances are always fun. Then just before we left there was a guy who was playing the accordion and yodeling. It. Was. Awesome! I've never heard live yodeling before. It totally made my day.

The following weekend I was commissioned to do a wedding cake. It was a simple cake- I just did it plain frosting and then they did their own flowers and stuff- but because of miscommunication and two traffic accidents- I was two hours late delivering it. That caused me no anxiety whatsoever (seriously, when is someone going to invent a sarcasm font?).

The 19th of September is national Monte Cristo Day so I celebrated by making the Disneyland recipe and inviting my neighbors over to dinner and a movie. We had to watch Princess and the Frog to stay with the New Orleans theme (Monte Cristos are served in New Orleans Square).

If you know me well, you know I'm not super crafty.  I blame my mom and sisters. It seems that everything they touch turns out perfect so I don't even try- but my friend invited me over to make this cute craft with her- and it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. (ps, I had a lot of help!)

Last week my friend, Carol, and I went to the women's session of General Conference. I've been to conference before, but I don't remembering it being this chaotic. It seemed as if the lines to get in were not even moving. There was a lot of estrogen on that city block that night.

We got to our seats *literally* as it began. We had great seats too! It was probably the best session of conference I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. President Uchtdorf's talk was meant exactly for me. Every thing he talked about I had discussed just three days earlier with my therapist. Seriously- just for me.

You can't hang out with a friend without a few obligatory selfies.

Finally (whew, at the end of the month!), my friend Ana and I went to see the Hale Center Theater's Beauty and the Beast. I look positively atrocious in this picture. I took it myself and the sun was totally in my eyes. I could not see a thing- I was trying not to squint though, so I may have blinded myself. bleh. Ana brought two of her little nieces- both are the sweetest little girls and it was even more fun to see it with them! (It was also a huge bonus that my theater crush was in the cast we got. Totally by luck!)

That's it for pictures- but the good news doesn't stop there! For the last few months I've been trying to get a second, part time job- just for a little extra money and for an excuse to get off my butt after work- and the day before yesterday I interviewed at Zurcher's (by "interview" I mean, I walked in, she said, "tell me about yourself" and after I mentioned I love Disney and I'm a total nerd who themes everything and plans stuff for the most random of holidays and observances, she said, "forget the interview. I like you. When can you start?") and got the job! Woohoo! When I walked in the store the song playing on the overhead was Grim Grinning Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. A Disney song. Totally meant to be. :)