Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finishing Harry

July 21, 2005

Hey. I'm almost embarrassed to tel you how I spent my day! I got up and got ready and went to breakfast. De wanted to look at shoes and Trish wanted to look in a store so we went shopping. I found a pair of really cute shoes. Mom would kill me! Hmmm... I refrained. Anyway, they kept shopping and I went to check my email. I met them on the way back and told them I was going to read HP and if they wanted to do lunch or something they should come get me later. So i was reading and a while later Deann came in. She fell asleep on my bed while I read. When she woke up we went to lunch. I wanted to Chinese at a different place- but it looked gross so we went to The Cow again.

We came back here- oh- at The Co, De missed a stop and fell. She was fine so I laughed. She was like, "do you think anyone saw?" Haha! The place was packed! Of course people saw. Anyway, that was a source of some hilarity for me. I got back to my room and read. I read all afternoon. I was supposed to meet a group from my history class at tea- by the time I got there (15 min early) they had already discussed and adjourned. I don't have to do any work!

 So I came back up and read. It was so good. I probably would have cried but De came in after she dressed for high table and watched me read. but I finally finished it. It was so good! i wanted to call home to tell them i was ok (there were bombing hoaxes here today) all the home lines were busy so I called Mel's cell. She answered it at work. Odd... she never does that. Anyway, we talked Harry for a minute but I had to go.

Dinner was ok. I didn't have anyone to sit with cuz D had high table. So I sat with some crazy people. Mike, the guy who punted our boat, got brownie points with me today cuz he said I had a pretty singing voice :) He thought it was hilarious when w broke out into song. After dinner I went to the lab to rad stuff on the mugglenet. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that I'm dong with HP! De and Trish wanted ice cream so we wanted around looking for anything open. Nothing. So we went back to The Cow. We played farkle while they ate their waffles and ice cream.

We resumed the game in my room and ended at the usual time. I love the quite. It's so peaceful outside. No traffic. If only it would stay like this. I'm really high up- but my window is facing an ally and on the other side is a stone building so sound just echoes up like what is going on 50 feet below is happening right outside my window. Oh well.

Love, heather

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