Saturday, July 18, 2015


July 18, 2005

Howdoo! Today was a good school day. History was long and boring but my presentation went well. We were the last to go and the time had run out so I just had to give it in a nutshell. During our break, Deann and I walked across the street to St Michael's Cafe. It wasn't wonderful, but it was food. We went and got extra pillows and then came upstairs and played a quick game of farkle before I had to go to class. There is construction going on outside my classroom so we had to move to a different- really cool room. I actually stayed awake through his one! I had comments to make and everything!

After class we had tea and our group meeting. We talked about the excursions and then went out for for a group photo. D, Trish and I walked to the post office and to the store for some chocolate. De looked at some shoes and then we walked back. I settled in to read my homework and- oh- no- I wrote postcards till dinner, the waiter dumped the dessert in my lap. It was actually funny. After dinner I finished my post cards and sat here half doing my homework, half listening to the bells toll and watching the sun go down. Ahhh loveliness...

 I got mostly through my work then at 10:00 De and Trish came. We ate chips and played a coule games of farkle. We had some good laughs. I kicked them out at 11:00 and now I'm just doing the get ready for bed thing.

Love, Heather

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