Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Mormon

July 12, 2005

Hey!  Today was a fund day. it didnt' start out so well, but it was good. I woke up to the infamous dump truck that clangs just outside my window. It was ok though because I forgot to set my alarm. I went to get in the shower but I was having all kinds of issues. I tripped- and as i went to get in, the shower head fell and started squirting on the floor outside shower. I picked it up and put it back and when I stopped in, I looked down and saw that I was standing in a pool of blood! When I tripped I'd cut my toe! it was a rough shower- but I lived. :)

I got ready and went down to breakfast then went and did some emailing. Deann and Evelyn met me in the computer room. I helped Deann with some hotel info she needed. I love being needed! :) Anyway, then we went shopping. We got a little lost but it was fun. De wanted a fan for her room. We looked everywhere. We got one in like, the 10th store we tried. They were too chicken to ask for directions so I did it. haha! after a while De was asking too. She's 21 and this is the first time away from her family. She's a little homesick but I think she'll be alright. Once we found her fan she was happier.

She had to go to class so i came up and listened to some tunes while I ironed my clothes and organized my room. It's not perfect but at least I know where things are. After tea De and I ran around some more. At dinner I sat across from Alex, a kid from SC. We talked about Napoleon Dynamite.

Oh, It was funny- at the Buttery I was drinking ice water and one of the professors asked if I was drinking strait gin.I joked about it then I told him it was water. We were talking (me and someone else) about how after school I want to move to Utah. we were joking that it would be a step up. Well, that same professor started joking about polygamy. I just laughed along and one of the girls at the table asked if I was Mormon. I said I was and the professor was like "Ohhhh. you're Mormon?" So now everyone at the table knew. He got his wife's attention and was like, "hey! did you know she's Mormon?" They asked me if I was going to go to church, Yes. If I was going to go on a mission, Yes. lots of questions about me, none really about the church. But now I really have to be on my guard! I have to be good! Anyway, it was just interesting- the questions "don't you have to do your time for who years?" haha interesting...

Anyway, after dinner, De and I went for a walk. We went just down the road not even half a mile and she started to get nervous so we walked back. We met up with another girl, Trish. She had a deck of cards so we went to the Buttery and I taught them Poo Head. It was funny. We played till someone at the next table started to smoke so we went to the common room. We just sat and talked for hours. It was fun. I'm much older than these kids, but it's still fun. Anyway, I'm not really tired, but I should get to bed because I have classes tomorrow.

love Heather

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Melissa Ann said...

I love this story (not the one with your toe bleeding or the fan)! I am so glad you are reliving it!