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London, Baby!

July 23, 2005

Oh my gosh. Today was such a long day! I'm so tired I can barely move! At 5:30 this morning I got up and got ready, at breakfast and joined the group to catch or bus to London. Deann of course was my travel buddy. The ride to London was a really long hour. I'm so uncomfortable in buses because my legs are so long. I don't know how I'm going to do 8 hours to Scotland. Anyway- we got to London and were let off 
near the Tower Bridge. 

the Tower Bridge

We walked across the bridge to the Tower of London. It's a very interesting place. Not very nice stuff! Our tour guide was hilarious. The tour was about 30 min. After that we looked around at everying- did some shopping. Oh- I saw the crown Jewels. Can you say AMAZING? Wow! I've never seen such bling! One diamond that was 530 something carats?! wow! I  was impressed. but looking at the gold things I just really got the reminder- you can't take it with you when you go. And "seek yet not for riches..." That was a tough pill to swallow cuz I wanna be rich! Anyway, we did some more shopping and then left. 

Is this how Anne Boleyn saw the Tower?

a night in shining armor

The royal crest

The Tower

We were told it wasn't far to St Paul's Cathedral. We walked. It was forever away! but we eventually got there. 

A cool building we walked past on Victoria Street

Deann didn't want to go inside so I just took a quick picture and left. We bought bus tickets but walked 100 miles trying to find the right bus stop. 

St Paul's

Queen Ann Statue at St Paul's

different views of St Paul's

Finally we got on the bus- but wen too far and had to walk back half the way. Let me tell you- I'm tired! 

We finally made it to Coven Garden. We looked around, and sat down to eat and looked around some more. 

displays of workers who used to frequent Covent Garden

Eliza Doolittle?

remembering Punch and Judy

By this time my legs had really had it so we decided to head to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We took the bus back to St Paul's and then we walked across the millennium bridge.

walking across the millennium bridge

We had a couple of hours so we were going to kill them in the Shakespeare museum- but it closed just as we got there. But the lady directed us to a lovely pub. They had really good water. We still had an hour but we went to the globe anyway. We looked around around and eventually people from our group came. At 7:30 we went into the theater and saw "A Winter's Tale."

the chorus. 
The one in the middle kept signaling to me to put my camera down.

before the play the actors come and wander around the stage.

after the play.

It was great! It took me a few minutes to get a handle on the ling- but once I did I really got into it. It was great. We had the best seats. We were near the centre of the first balcony. I felt awful for all the stupid people who paid 5 pounds to stand the whole time. A few minutes into the second act it began pouring rain and the Globe is open air! So all the people on the ground got soaked. When it was over we met everyone and took a looooong trip back to Cambridge. Like I said, I'm tired.

Love, Heather

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Melissa Ann said...

I love this why did I never look at your photos! On the picture of the workers I first thought cool this must be a scene from My Fair Lady!