Monday, July 20, 2015

The Comedienne

July 20, 2005

Hey! Today was an interesting day. History was not quite as knock down boring as it has been- and in between classes I read HP and took a nap. Dickens was survivable. After class i came back and read more. I was feeling very anti social- but I promised one girl I would go to a choral performance in our chapel. It was actually quite lovely. It turned out to be a whole Anglican Service which was interesting enough. But The atmosphere and the Renaissance music- it was just cool. Plus I've never been to a service like that.

Dinner was interesting. It was duck. It was ok but I knew what i was eating. When you eat a hamburger you dont say, I'll have a cow on my bun" maybe that's why I can't eat fish? who knows? I ate a little of it and gave up. It tasted like greasy steak.

Anyway, after dinner I emailed Trav. De wanted to meander so we walked around for a bit. Oh- I have to tell you something funny. there is a 3D map of the city in front of Great St Mary's Church. It has braille on it and I just made the comment, "why does it have braille? I don't think blind people are really into sightseeing." Deann about laughed her head off. A minute later a couple walked up and were also looking at the map. I thought out loud, "I wish I could read braille." De said to just learn it and I replied, "I can't, my fingers are too stupid." The guy looked at me funny as then just started laughing. He was laughing as he walked down the street. So were we, actually. It was really funny.

We had to walk through the buttery because they are doing construction in front of my building and we ran into some gals from our program. We sat and laughed with them for a while. I went through two pints of water- then came up and read. A while later Trish and De came. We played one round of farklel and at 11:00 I kicked them out. I wanted to read more. hee hee hee!

Love, Heather

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