Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hey! Surprise! It's only been three months but here I am! I have so many pictures to post that I've been putting it off and putting it off- they're all really outdated now- but I don't even care. I'm in the mood to write, so dammit- I'm writing!

This fall I have been really festive. I hosted my book club in September and the book was about Captain Hook so I wanted to put up my Halloween tree. I don't know why. It's not not like Hook has anything to do with Halloween- but whatever. I just wanted to decorate. So I put my Christmas tree up really early this year.

I also had way too much fun with the decor. Some of it was from last year, some of it I made myself, and some of it... well... I probably got a little out of hand.

A girl can never have too much glitter, ammiright?

Even the skulls in my house wear a tiara. We're all princesses here. 

I bought these masks last year because they're awesome- and they just fit the lamps perfectly! (dare I say it?) Even the lamp shades got a face lift! What is UP!? (I may be spending too much time with Barney Stinsen these days) 

Because the book I chose was about Hook, I thought it only appropriate that this be the debut of my Tinkerbell in a lantern creation. I've had the lantern for a long time (like, a year) and I've been searching for the perfect Tink. I finally found her and it worked out just perfectly. Granted, this is not a Halloween decoration, I plan on leaving this out all the time. And I don't think anyone from book club actually noticed it. oh well.

Here is the whole living room (set up for book club- the extra chairs are not usually there. Please notice my pillows. I made the pillow covers myself (the black and white part- the orange part is totally someone else's skill). This taste of craftiness sparked something in me and I had the desire to be crafty like I have never have before.

I made ghost lights out of milk cartons. (thank you Pinterest)

And I got these pumpkins from the dollar store, painted them black and decorated them with pearl topped pins. That was a fun evening.

My favorite craft though was another idea I got from Pinterest. They took some dollar store chotchkies and painted them black. They looked so cool I wanted to do it too! I couldn't find anything cool to paint though. But one afternoon I was at D.I. with my aunt and found this candle holder.

It was probably originally supposed to be Christmasy- but a little coat of paint...

And now they're angels of death! mwahahahaha! Plus it just looks so pretty when it's shiny and has a glittery candle.

My favorite part of Halloween though is of course dressing up and hanging out with people I love (plus I got a new hat this year and I was dying to show it off!)

 My sisters (minus one) and one of my nieces came down to see me. We did a lot of shopping (they shopped till *I* dropped) and then we got dressed up and headed to Witch's night out.

We're so cute!

and not at all scary.

Happy October everyone. I still have to finish writing about my summer vacation. But we'll take things as they come, right?