Monday, March 25, 2013

This is the story of a tree..

Remember how when you were little and as you walked home from kindergarten (because the world was a different place then, and you could walk two blocks without fear of being kidnapped/offered drugs/shot at) and you picked flowers from people's yards to give to your mom?

No? Just me then... ahem... ok.

To be fair, they were mostly dandelions. I Looooove dandelions! Yes, yes, I know they are a noxious weed- but the flowers are so happy! (plus I hear they make good salad- but I don't eat weeds. Nor do I eat salad.)

And then when they get fluffy, you get to blow the seeds away (which, by the way, your parents think is super cute and you should do it in the backyard all the time- because they totally don't mind having their backyard turn into a dandelion field).

Well, my sisters and I have come a long way since dandelions.

Today, we were walking down the street and saw a tree and thought, "Hey, mom would like that!" so we put it in the back seat of my car and drove away.

This wasn't a sapling folks. This was... well... ok, I sense you're wanting back story. [pulls up a chair and adjusts crocheted shawl]

Many, many years ago, before I... uh.. Bakeshow... was born, her family lived in a little village called Salt Lake City. They lived somewhere in the middle of the valley, so they called the place Midvale. While they lived there, four children ran happily about, playing with the neighbors, roller-skating up and down the streets and frolicking merrily as children should. There was some rough housing amongst the young Bakeletts, for one day, the Noanie Bakelett pushed the Kimmee Bakelett off the roof of the car and broke the Kimmee Bakelett's arm (at least, that's how I've always heard the story. It's infamous in our family) which resulted in a rotten summer for the Kimmee Bakelett. Whenever they went swimming, she had to just hang out at the edge of the pool with one arm sticking out because she couldn't get her cast wet.

On one of the slightly less dramatic days, the Bakelett's mother carried a gallon bucket home in her arms. It contained a small pine tree. She dug a hole and planted the tree in the front yard. Truth be told, she planted many trees, a cherry tree and some other trees that I can't remember- but the cherry tree was in the back yard with the hill that was useless for sledding in the winter, but that did not stop the Bakeletts from trying...

I'm losing track...

This tree. The one in the front yard. The Bakelett's mother planted it. Ok. There we go. She planted it and over the years it grew and grew. Eventually the family had to move to Idaho. There were two Bakelett's missing and they had to go to Idaho to find them (also for the Bakelett Dad's job, but what's important here? come on.) because they refused to be born in Utah.

Several times over the years, as the Bakelett children grew up, they would return to the land of their birth and drive by their old dwelling. For several years it seemed to be falling into ruin. The new owners either didn't care about it, or just plain didn't know how to take care of a house. The young family was sad to see things changing, fences changed, windows changed, all kinds of changes took place on the Bakelett's former home.

Then one day, nearly 40 years after they had vacated the home, the Noanie Bakelett and the Kimmee Bakelett made their little sister drive past the house, just so they could reminisce. Though Bakeshow had driven past this house several times, she'd never lived there, so she didn't feel the emotional attachment to it that her siblings did. On this day, they saw a sign in the yard that said "FREE WOOD." The tree in the front yard. The very same pine tree that the Bakelett's mother had planted, was cut down and lying in pieces on the front lawn, pine covered branches hanging out of the trash bin on the side of the road.

The regular log sized logs were neatly stacked in the current owner's backyard- not available to the general passerby. What was available were the few stumps that were the big parts of the tree trunk. Noanie and Kimmee Bakelett thought it would be a smashing idea to take some wood home to their mother- just as a memento. So Bakeshow cleaned out the back of her car, spread out a blanket and helped Kimmee heft the 300 pound (at least) stump into the car. While Noanie watched, she decided that she also would like a memento of her childhood home. So there was some rearranging, and a lot of grunting and swearing and a few smashed fingers, as the three sisters hefted another section of the tree's trunk into the car's trunk (all we're missing is a moving trunk and an elephant trunk-which seriously, we could have used). This second piece, probably in the neighborhood of 350-400 pounds (that is seriously my guess... I may be way off and really we're just wimps) was not as easy to get in, but after some trunk tetris, the car doors were shut, silent prayers were said for Dory's shocks and breaks, and the Bakeletts were off.

Once they got home, they had to take the stumps out of Dory and put them into Kimmee's car- which is a lot smaller. Luckily the burly, macho neighbor was home and his wife sent him over to help (this is where I start to doubt my estimation of the weight- because where it took two or three of us to heft the wood even a little bit off the ground, he did it alone).

So now the two eldest Bakeletts are on their way home with a gift for the Bakelett mommy (and a little extra for their own yard) that is literally something from their childhood. As many grumblings and naughty words were said- and still will be said when they get to Idaho and have to figure out how to unload them- it was worth it. As Noanie said, "This was a once in a lifetime chance. If we didn't do it today, we might regret it later. Might as well do it while we can."

That kids, is a story about Carpe-ing the Diem.
It also reminds me a little of The Giving Tree

The End.

PS. did you know that toothpaste is very helpful in washing pine sap off of skin? Well, now you do.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't know why I feel I need to use this blog as my confessional. Maybe because it's easier to admit one's faults to the great void- that some people just happen to read...?  Who knows?

Anyway- I was very productive today. I can see the floor in my room again (it's still burnt orange), I did three loads of laundry (when you don't know what is clean and what isn't, it's just easier to wash it all again), and filed my taxes. Yes, yes, I know, I'm awesome. sigh...

I have a point.

Back Story:

I have a fear of being without a pen. I don't know why. Perhaps in a previous life I died tragically because I did not have a pen to write my ransom check... or maybe the pen was mightier than the sword and that's what pulled me out of my fictional novel and into this cruel, real world (No more Enchanted for me for a while).  Anyway- I have to have a pen with me at all times.

It's a family thing actually, we seem to latch onto pens and keep them for dear life. Years ago when I worked at Freddies, and my sister, and my sister and my brother and my brother all worked there too (they all still do- I'm the only one who escaped The Claw) we had a bazillion Fred Meyer pens. I'm talking boxes of them. It's not like we were purposely pilfering pens, but somehow they just ended up in pockets, and pockets were emptied at the end of the day... they add up.

So after I had escaped The Claw and was in New Jersey, my mommy sent me a Christmas present. She did the 12 days of Christmas for Sister Eriksen and me. One of the gifts was a bouquet of Fred Meyer pens.

Fast forward ten years:

I'm working at the hospital. I like clicky pens. Pens that don't click are a total bummer to me. I don't like pens with lids because lids are lost too easily. Plus, I'm a clicker. People know when I'm coming because I click my pens. Annoying really, but it soothes me. Anyway, one day I cleaned out my purse and counted THIRTY pens. Yikes! I never realized I'd latched onto so many! It was then that I realized I had a problem. I've been aware of it ever since, and tried to control it.

Today, cleaning my room, I went through my work shirt pockets, my purses, my dressers... and this is what I found:

Clearly I still have a problem. If ever I am near you, and you have a clicky pen of which you are fond, you'd best chain it down lest it become my property. Because apparently, once a klepto- always a klepto.

There is one pen in there that has a lid- that is the pen I stole from the job interview I had the day I moved away from Denver. It serves as a sad reminder.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green

Uh Oh!!!! Can anyone tell us what today is?

It's St Patrick's Day!!!

Very good kids! Now, can we all name things that I love that are green?

Oh, Yes! That's a good one! They say it doesn't buy you happiness, but it doesn't automatically depress me, either.

Very good! Trees and grass and anything that has to do with spring and summer!

That's right! I do like frogs. Which frog in particular do you think that I like the most?



Let's think about sparkles. What sparkly things that are green do you think I would like?

Ooooohhh.  A peridot! Way to not go right for the obvious! Very good! What else do you think would fit this category?

There ya go! I don't own any of either of these, but if you're looking for gift ideas...

While we're talking about Emeralds...

That's right! The Emerald Isle- one of the places I hope to visit before I die! Sigh... someday...

In the meantime, here's a fun little ditty for you by everyone's favorite little green friend:

Anyway, there is a lot about green that I love. It's just a happy, yet calming color. It's in my blood. I bleed green! (not that I want to overshadow my super awesome Royal Blue British blood- or my red blooded American-ness) (I would also like to point out that I am not a Vulcan- just in case there was confusion).

I hope you catch yourselves a Leprechaun- or at least enjoy the worldwide day of luck!

Happy St Patties day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Homesick for Disneyland

First: some housekeeping issues. My playlist is being really weird. I'm thinking that whomever originally uploaded the songs to has messed around with them. Today when I turned my music on, there was some drunken idiot singing Bohemian Rhapsody. If you encounter this in the future, please let me know so I can fix it. (I honestly hardly ever listen to it anymore. I need to put new songs on it!)
Also, this post should probably be broken up into several posts, but my friend Amy will most likely be posting soon about Disneyland I don't want her to feel like I'm stealing her thunder.

There are two places in the world that I've been where I could live and be totally content: England and Disneyland (or World, I could do either). For both of these places I am constantly saying I am homesick. And I mean it. I miss them. I want to go back soooooooooo badly that it affects my dreams and my waking thoughts.

People are quickly learning that if I am in a sour-ish mood, the only thing you have to do to get me out of it is ask me about Disneyland. I loooove talking about Disneyland. I love it when people are going for the first time- or haven't been in a long time and they ask me for advice and tips about what to do and where to go. It puts me in the oh-my-gosh-I've-created-a-monster-please-make-it-shut-up type of mood. My friend Amy is at Disneyland right now. Like this second, as we speak she is probably standing in line for a ride or *gasp* eating a corndog!!! UGH! My co-worker is also going this weekend- and she made the mistake of asking my advice.

She got it.

I've talked about Disneyland so much in the last few weeks, that I find myself homesick for it. True, it hasn't even been a year since I was there, but I just need the magic. I crave the carefree happiness of it all. Sigh... I guess I will have to content myself with posting pictures from my trip last year- since I never really did post many.

Our first day there, we had some time to kill before going to Goofy's Kitchen so we wandered downtown Disney.  When I grow up, I want to work at the Lego store. Oh my gosh! I can't imagine the work that goes into those things. And who sits around and thinks them up? Wow!

AUUUGHHHH!!!!! I just had a minor melt down trying to upload pictures and arrange them. Stupid blogger won't let me put them where I want. So I threw my computer across the room, stormed out and ate an entire pie! I feel better now. (one of those statements is not true).

There were several awesome displays- of which I have pictures- and also of which I have no patience to post today. But this was my favorite one. All Legos folks. Awesome. (well, not the actual building, come on.)

What's fun about the Lego store, is all the stuff they have for you to play with. Outside, they have work stations where you can fashion yourself a race car and run it in races against other cars.

I'm not sure who had more fun, the two year old or the uh... taller two year olds.

 I made two. A "Kermit" car and a very poor rendition of a Model T.

 We lined our cars up to race. I can't even tell you who won (probably me, because I'm awesome)

but my favorite thing was DJ poking his little head over the track so he could see.

There were also exotic birds. DJ wasn't quite sure what to think of that. This part was after Goofy's kitchen and he didn't really trust us.

We made a visit to the Build a Bear shop. If had all kinds of money and nothing else to do with it, you betcha I'd buy this Kermie and all kinds of little outfits for him. But, sadly, I am not 5 years old- nor rich.

Twas the end of day one and already they were wiped out!

 Having fun really takes it out of ya!

Our first actual day in the park was lots of fun. It's just so wonderful to go with kids who are seeing it all for the first time- the wonder on their faces is priceless. All these things they see on TV and in cartoons... they're real? Really? I love it.

It's almost a tradition to get on the train first thing and just go for a ride around the park. Plus, little boys like trains. And so do his children. 

Our first thing inside the park was to go to the Tiki Room. There wasn't much of a wait, at it's always best to get it out of the way so you can say you've done it.

The first ride we went on was Pirates. Thank you kind stranger in the first row for taking the picture for us. It's amazing how much there is the park that you can do with a baby. People probably don't realize that babies can go on pretty much any ride that doesn't have a lap bar. The big big rides he couldn't go on- but everything else he could.

Do you know what I love about Disney? Well, besides the obvious things I've gushed over in the past- that they think of everything. I mean. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Did you know there are designated places in the park for you to take your service dog potty? seriously. Who thinks of these things? We stumbled across one by Big Thunder Ranch.

DJ's favorite ride by far was the Pooh ride. He still, a year later talks about the Pooh ride. He loooved it. And I loved taking him. Our last day, while we were sitting waiting for Fantasmic, I took DJ and we rode the Pooh ride THREE times! There was no line- and he just loved it and kept asking and because I'm a doting aunt who has no other purpose in life than to spoil cute babies, I obliged.   

 He also quite enjoyed Dumbo. Baby O didn't get to go on that one. He hung out with me.

Another thing I like about Disney is the random street performances that they have- and not all musical. Seriously, who sat around one day thinking, "I am going to make art with a wet broom."? Depending on the heat of the day, it only lasts a minute or two.

Well, this guy does it. It was so cool! the fun thing about this memory, was he was drawing one picture, he had a crowd of people around him and everyone was saying... "who is it?" in whispers. It took a minute, but I was the one who said (really loud, because we all know what a bigmouth I am) "It's Zero! (from Nightmare Before Christmas). The artist looked up at me, got a big smile on his face and said, "Yeah!!!" like I was the first person to ever get that one. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Zero.

Ugh... I was just looking through my pictures and there are seriously so many more I want to share and talk about- This post is already toooooooo long and is going to have to be continued. I'll wait till another time when I need a healthy dose of Disney Magic!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I can't even commit to a post title!

I've been sick for the last couple of days. Do you know what that means?

It means that I've had about 48 hours or so to lie in bed and either watch the Doctor,

sleep (and have super weird dreams about work and this guy),

or think. One of those is more dangerous than the others. I'll let you mull it over.

Done yet?

It's never a wise thing to leave me to my thoughts. It's also not a wise thing to feed me when I'm sick- those two bowls of Crunch Berries are very angry with me right now.

So today's topic of discussion (and by "discussion" I mean, I write, you read and maybe comment in the little box below if you agree, disagree, or just want to say Hi) is commitment. I think that might actually be the scariest word in the English language. Scarier even than "reality" *shudder*.

The other day at work I took a batch of baked smores. I told a co-worker he should microwave it to make it even better. "It will change your life. I promise."

He got a wary look on his face and said, "I don't think I'm ready to have my life changed."

I laughed and replied, "Ok, It will just change your day then."

In relief he said, "I can do a day. I can't commit to changing my life. You don't get to be 33 and single and not have issues with commitment." 

I couldn't agree more. I told him he was preaching to the choir and sent him on his way.  I have always had a problem with commitment. It terrifies me. I always think, "What if this isn't the right choice?" or "What if there is something better?" I have seriously no idea how to just be at peace with my decisions.

And I'm not just talking about relationships, people. I'm talking everything under the sun. I have a hard time picking out a pair of shoes when I go shopping (as evidence of my last shoe shopping purchase- I chose wrong (should that have an ly? wrongly? that sounds weird... but you know what I mean). Those shoes are total crap and I never wear them and I spent too much on them so I can't justify going out to buy better ones to use instead. It's my punishment for making a wrong choice!). I also would never be able to get a tattoo. For that very same reason. I think they're neat- but how do I know that what I think is neat now- I will still think is neat in 20 years? I just... can't commit to that! AUGH! (not that I would ever get a tattoo- I'm just using that as an example- calm down, Dad) Even paint colors? Yikes! What looks good on the little card... how do I know what it will look like covering the whole wall? What if I don't like it? I can't afford to just splash paint around whenever I want to. It's a big decision! (maybe rich people don't have as much issue with commitment because they can afford to make mistakes)

Moving? Starting a new job? Leaving something comfortable to venture out into the unknown? It's all a form of commitment. Whether it's permanent or not- it's going to be life changing. Those are the worst kinds of decisions for me. Talk about anxiety!

I said a second ago it's not all about relationships, but seriously- I see all these people in horrible relationships and wonder. Every relationship is different. People change. I get it. But... it's just so scary! There are so many unknowns and variables I just don't know how I could ever make that kind of decision. So I guess it's easier not to do it at all. Which makes my situation perfect because I don't have to make that kind of decision. I've never been truly faced with it- and I honestly don't see it happening anytime in the future.

But right now, I'm not concerned about the future. I'm more interested in the past... and the havoc those Crunch Berries are creating. Again, I shouldn't have chosen so hastily. That'll teach me. Ow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'd apparently rather write than sleep

Why WHYYYYY am I posting so much these days? I don't know. Honestly. I have these anxiety attacks that I need to post something- and can't rest till something is written. I'm sure it's just a phase and I'll turn into one of those bloggers who goes months between posts {glare eyes} (you know who you are).

Here are some things that are going through my mind tonight:

I saw Oz tonight. What a disappointment! I've never watched James Franco- other than his really sad attempt at hosting the Oscars that one time- and now I know why. He's crap. Holy *cow* he's crap. That whole movie... just sad. I was so looking forward to it. For a long time I've been anticipating it. It had a few elements that were its saving grace. The China girl was awesome. She was my favorite thing in the whole movie. The thing that was the most worth my money- was that I saw the trailer for The Lone Ranger. That looked awesome. I love Johnny Depp.

I called my niece tonight on my drive from Idaho to Utah. A couple of months ago we were chatting about boys. She's in Middle School so I was asking about all her crushes. She would tell me and was much more level headed about it than I would have been at her age. Anyway, She asked me if I had any crushes and I was really disappointed to tell her no. So tonight I called her to tell her I have a crush on someone. I told her he was someone I occasionally see at work- not often at all- and I don't even know his name. Her response? "Well that's a nice story. I can't wait to see the movie." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ahhh... sarcasm after my own heart. I see my legacy is being carried on by the next generation.

I tried my hand at my own makeup today. When I walked into the kitchen, my niece looked at me like I was an alien. That makes me a little nervous to wear lipstick out in public. Sure, in the privacy of my own room it looked awesome- but how are people who are accustomed to my boring, colorless face going to react when I show up to work with *shocking* red lips? Should I invest in some pinks and work my way up? hmmm...

The makeup trials

Warning: This is a super girly post.

Even though I grew up in a household of girls, I never really learned how to do my makeup. It's been trial and error all these years. It's because of friends and roommates that I've discovered eyeliner and and blush.

When I was in Jr High I was known as "the girl with the blue eyeshadow". For reals, I was. I heard someone refer to me as that once. So since then, I've been afraid of eyeshadow. In high school I only wore foundation and mascara. Super boring.  So I've been trying to learn how to do my makeup so my face doesn't look so boring. This picture is me- last week on my Shrek date. I did it all myself and tried really hard to be fancy- but my "fancy" is still pretty basic. I need to learn how to do big girl makeup.

So tonight, my bestie, Jessica, came over with her stash of pigments, combined with mine (which I just bought out alllllll the cheap stuff I could from Ross) and tried to teach me things to do. I'm excited to try stuff on my own- on my own face- but I'm afraid I'll end up looking like a clown. So if you see me in public, and it really is too much- PLEASE let me know- because I am honestly so oblivious about this kind of stuff.

Each of these eyes is slightly different. Eyeliner vs no eyeliner, smokey vs... uhhh.. not smokey...?  She taught me (or tried) how to turn a day look into a night look. Anyway, it's fun to have someone paint on your face regardless.

We had a ton of laughs tonight. I felt so ridiculous- and then there was the "close your eyes and look up" incident. I guess you had to be there. Let's just say that I have a greater appreciation for models and the weird faces that they make at the camera. It's really hard not to laugh.

And then we tried lipstick. Folks, there will be lipstick in my future. It's been years since I've worn it- and I have been converted back!

I've never worn fire engine red lips before. Ummm... I kinda like it!

After she finished with me, Jessica let me practice on her. I made one eye look like someone had punched her- but after a lot of eye makeup remover and a few tries, I think I made them look at least decent. I don't think people would stare at her in horror if she went into public like this, would they?

Obviously I need lots and lots of practice, and I'm quite serious when I say that you need to reign me in when it is too much- but I think I have at least some idea what I'm doing... I think.

Thank you Jessica for your patience and understanding- and being a good sport about having your pictures posted!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Readers

(especially "Anonymous")

I am not sure how to respond. You ask, "How is anyone supposed to love you, if you don't love yourself?"

That is the material point. I *do* love myself! Of course I do! I'm awesome, I'm funny, I am interesting to talk to, I am intelligent (most of the time) and I guess marginally talented at some things. I need worlds of improvement in all areas in life, yes, (especially humility. Would someone as self centered as I not have a blog revolving entirely around herself?) but in the words of Andelasia's Prince Edward, "What's not to like?"

That's what makes it so frustrating. It baffles my mind that I absolutely repel every man that walks this earth! Why? What is so wrong with me that not one has ever tried to get to know me? (phone number guy was a creeper, and the proposal incident from several years ago- he didn't know me At. All. or he would have known better than to propose without ever having taken me on one single date- from across the country- over an impersonal, electronic device [in an email people. He proposed in an email!].)

What is it about me that causes my closest guy "friends" to say things like, "I wish I could take your personality and put it in ___________'s body [insert blonde bombshell of the week's name here]." or "You're a lot to get used to." and my personal favorite, "You're the kind of girl guys are friends with, not the kind they date."?

Is it because I'm so physically unattractive? I'd like to think not. I don't think I'm a total woofer. I have beautiful eyes and nice teeth. I like my cheekbones and I think I have a decent complexion. Granted, I'm a bit of a heifer, but I'm working on that (not right now though. Right now I'm working my way through a bag each of Hershey's and Reece's Pieces eggs). I smell nice, I'm clean, I dress appropriately for my body type (meaning I don't hang out in all kinds of places that- let's be honest- most people would rather just not look at) and I try to be presentable in public at all times (except at the gym. No one can be faulted for looking like hell at the gym).

It seems the only men truly comfortable talking to me are married- or gay. Is it because I don't pose a threat to them? If they're nice to me I might *gasp* like them? They're off the market, they're safe. The single ones (near my age, that is- I can talk to single guys 10 years my junior because folks, I am no cougar). [Or is it because they're no threat to me that I can talk to them? Hmmm... that causes me to get philosophical...]

Anyway, your guess is as good as mine. I can only do what I can to protect my heart. It's been hurt so many times I'm surprised there's anything left of it. I've gone through 35 years of life and never had one relationship. That's not normal. All I'm saying is why on Earth did I think that would suddenly change? With this one guy? just because someone said he was flirting- which even if he was- in his line of work, they don't have the best reputations and they preeeeeeeeetty much flirt with anything that moves when it serves their purpose (oh snap! Did I just categorize a whole profession of men?)

In the mean time, I reserve the right to piss and moan on my blog. To put out my never ending whines to the universe and just ask why. Why. WHY?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pity party

I told you it was too good to be true. I knew I should have killed that nasty little spark of hope when I had the chance. Damn the people who cultivated it and encouraged me to let it grow. I knew I was just being set up for a heart break. It's never not happened yet. Ever. In my whole life. Why do I think that it will ever ever change?  He was not flirting- he is not interested- he made that abundantly clear today by not even acknowledging my existence. He was being nice that day. That's all. That's all it ever was. That's all it ever will be.

Yes I'm aware I justed used a double negative. I did it on purpose.

My favorite movie when I have the romantic blues- or need a gentle reminder- is He's Just Not That into You. I'm not the exception. I'm the rule. And the line that I need to have tattooed on my forehead is, "If a guy acts like he doesn't give a $#!+, it's because he genuinely doesn't give a $#!+"

Truer words have never been spoken- and I don't know why I allow myself to think- hope- that maybe he does and he's just playing it cool. Come on, it's me. There is no man on this planet who will ever give a $#!+ about me. Ever.

End of story. I win the argument. Go home to your spouse.

The end.

My heart had a nice little five day vacation, now it's time to lock it back up so it doesn't stumble around and get hurt any more.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shrek Date

Last night I had a me date (when you only ever spend time alone- it's not as relaxing and impressive as it sounds). I got all fancied and dressed up- experimented with makeup- put on my nicest outfit and *gasp* high heels- and hit the town! (I even shaved my legs! but you just don't need to know that much information so I wont talk about it) I drove downtown and parked in the best parking spot in the whole freaking city. I had dinner at the Olive- which is always lovely- but just for future reference- don't look in pity at the girl sitting by herself- no, she did NOT get stood up-sometimes a girl just goes out alone. But whatever-

The big question? Would I recommend seeing this play? Absolutely. I've been wanting to see it for a couple of years now so I'm really glad it came to town and I could go.

This is the video that made me really want to see this play.

It was seriously so cute. I was a lot like the movie- but just different enough to keep in interesting.

And you know how in the movie they make funny pop culture references to other movies and stuff? Well in this, they made references to other plays. They referenced Wicked, Lion King and Les Mis. They probably did others too- but (don't die of shock) I haven't actually seen everything so I may not have caught them all. There was still the silly potty humor- but it wasn't so crude as to make it gross.

I actually liked Lord Farquaad better than Shrek- he was just so funny and charming- I wanted to punch Shrek in the face half the time- and he freaking slaughtered the sexiest accent on earth- but I digress- it was really good. The dude who played Pinocchio was awesome. His voice must hurt by the end of a performance, all that screechy yelling and singing.

Over all it was a pleasant evening (other than the minor I'm-going-to-die-old-and-alone meltdown I had in the car on the way home) and of course the story is about a lonely beastly creature finding true love- so of course I liked it. My goodnight kiss was the Mousse cake I ate in the car while listening to my Sappy Love songs CD that I made for my brother's wedding. Very romantic- and chocolate is the lover that never disappoints.