Saturday, August 1, 2015


August 1, 2005

Hello! It was back to school today. I slept soooo well last night- besides the fact that I can't breathe through my nose and woke up all pasty mouthed (blech!). After breakfast I went to the common room to read my homework and then went to class. class was good but I still couldn't breathe. I didn't want to sniff- so I just sat there snotty and watery eyed for a couple of hours. Nice.

After class I was headed to the computer lab. Alex- a kid from my class- caught up and asked if I was ok. He offered me this vitamin thing that he takes. i made sure it was legal ;) It was like a fizzy tang vitamin C super powder drink thing. Sure.

I emailed everyone- I had 13 new messages no- that was light night... anyway, I emailed a few people then came back to my room. I took that drink. Eh? Nothing much. I took a nap for a while then went to my next class. That one I got up and walked out a few times to blow my nose. I wasn't going to sit there stuffed the whole time. After class we had tea and the meeting. Then i went to the computer lab again. I researched and found that the guy who plays Dumbledore in the HP movies is in the play I'm going to this Thursday! Neato! so i had to send a few emails to spread the jealous. :)

Dinner was ok. All the meals kind of taste the same here. After dinner a bunch of people came up to my room and gossiped. There is a high school-ish soap opera drama going on and everyone wanted to be in the know- and my room was the closest. There is a guy on the trip who really wants someone to be romantic with in Europe. He's kind of a dork and is going from girl to girl and they are all turning him down- so we laughed at his latest attempts. After they left i read my Scottish joke book and now I need to get myself to bed.

love Heather

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