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London Day trip

August 6, 2005

Oh boy- sit back and get ready... it was a long day!

I got up early- we were ready and gone by 8:00. I tried to get some money but the ATM wouldn't let me. I called mom and woke her up. oops. I did the math wrong. I was thinking it was only midnight. Anyway, she said she'd do my checking account for me. Nice mommy. We walked to the bus station and took a bus to the train station. We rode the train into Kings Cross station. 

Kings Cross Station

I broke out the camera. I took a picture at platform 9 3/4! :) It made my day! I even talked D into taking one. She didn't feel quite so stupid when about 100 other people ran to do it and started taking pictures. Ha!

We went downstairs and caught the tube to Notting Hill. We shopped Portalbello Road for a while. I don't know why I didn't take any pictures- self conscious I guess. Anyway, we went to eat at some Greek place. She had the American breakfast and I had crap. Seriously. It was bread with cheese on it and they called it pizza. So It did not hit the spot. Anyway, we wandered around Notting Hill till we found Kensington Gardens. We wandered through the gardens looking for the statue of Peter Pan- but we never found it. Oh well. 
Queen Victoria Statue at Kensington

We went into Kensington Palace. I didn't realize it was a clothing showcase- but it was still pretty interesting. We saw Queen Elizabeth's clothes- and Princess Diana. It was cool. We went into a couple of Victoria's rooms. The room right next to her bedroom- I had my handheld audio tour and I pointed at something. Well all the sudden this blaring siren goes off and give me a near heart attack. honestly. I stood there in a stupor. I guess what happened was was the string on my audio tour broke the beam of a laser that was protecting the artifacts. I was a little nervous but no one ever came and the alarm kept going off- so we just left and went to the next room. I seriously thought the royal guard was going to come and throw me in the tower! Three rooms later and after my heard calmed down- it finally stopped. The alarm- not my heart.

Anyway, we left shortly after and had quite a time finding Trafalgar Square. But we finally caught the right bus. Deann wanted to go to the nation gallery and I had a ticket to do the London Eye. So we parted ways. i was supposed to check in at 4:00 and it was already 10 past so I asked a lady near the underground what the quickest way across the river would be. She gave me exact instructions and I ran. I went to Waterloo station and got off. I walked to the eye and got in line to have my voucher checked. it gook forever! Honestly, it would have been faster to take the "normal way" (not on line). 

The London Eye

I thought my first "flight" was for 4:30 but that's just what time it was estimated and I had gotten there right at 4:00. Anyway, I had to wait in this enormously long line. Fortunately it moved quickly. Before long i was on the eye. It was amazing! I saw so much. I gook a lot of video and a few pictures. 

I was so... wow. I saw everything. That only lasted 30 minutes then I was back on the ground. 
I was supposed to meet Deann at 6:00 and it was already 10 to. So again, I booked it- backtracking my previous steps. I got to her at almost 6:30. She was a little nervous. 

Trafalgar Square

We wandered around looking for somewhere to eat. I conveniently wandered the direction of parliament and Westminster Abbey. We took a few pictures then took a bus back to Trafalgar Square. 

Big Ben clock tower (although Big Ben is a bell... I know...)

Westminster Abbey


We found a nice Italian place so we ate there. I was so excited to Fettuccine Alfredo on the menu! It was disgusting! The sauce was so runny it didn't stick to the noodles. Oh well- they gave me a lot of water- that made up for it. After we ate we started back toward home. We took the tube back to Kings Cross and hopped the train home. I'm totally beat! My feet are enraged with me. It's not even 12:00 and I'm going to bed. I'm sleeping long- and hard! it was a really fun day, but I still left things to do on my next trip to England.

Love, Heather

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