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August 12, 2005

The City Jester

Well, I'm getting tired of long days. How 'bout you? I got up early this morning, just in time to get dressed and go to breakfast. We met at the porters lodge and took off for Stratford. I'm reeeeeally sick of buses. It was long. we got there and we were turned loose on the city. 

We got a bus tour and rode around for awhile looking at everything. Then we got off at the birthplace of Shakespeare. 

Shakespeare's Birthplace

The site of Shakespeare's home- one of the later owners got tired of people coming and asking to tour the Bard's house, so he tore it down and turned it into a garden

It was interesting. Harry wanted to eat at a place called the Dirty Duck. So we wandered everywhere looking for it- but we ended up at the Garrick. Anyway, it took at least two hours for lunch. I can't stand how incredibly slow things are here. By the time we got done, everything else we wanted to see was closed! Grr... we paid for three attractions and only got to see one! 

So we walked to the trinity church and saw his burial ground. So we saw where Shakespeare started- and ended. 

We wandered around town a little more. We hung out by the river till it was time to go into the play. We saw As You Like It. It's the one I wanted to see the most and it was terrible! I fell asleep during the first half. The second half was better- but I still wasn't impressed. They all just wend downhill after that first play. 

Lady McBeth


Prince Hal


The Bard

We walked back to the bus- but we couldn't go because someone was missing. grrr... We sat there while a couple of profs went to look for him Then we drove around in the bus for a while then a couple of student got off to look for him and the bus left. It was a loooooong drive home, then a long walk. As we walked into the porters lodge I heard they'd found the kid and were on their way back to Cambridge. I'm interested in his story. anyway- I think i"m done with long days. I'm sleeping in tomorrow. (I hope)

Love, Heather

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