Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Last Day

August 18, 2005

Well. Normally a day like today would be bitter sweet- today it's just bitter. I really don't want to go home. I'm almost 28 years old for crying out loud! I shouldn't be living with my parents. Argh!

Anyway- today itself was a great day. I did everything I possibly could. After breakfast I went to see a bunch of the colleges with Tricia. Then I climbed the tower of Great St Mary's Church with D and Nicole. Anabelle joined us (I just met her today). It was really hot but there were some killer views.  

Gonville and Ciaus from Great St Mary's

Market and Old Guild Hall

Me atop Great St Mary's Tower

Not to mention killer steps going down the tower. Whew! They were steep and very windy. There were a lot of them. Going down was nearly as hard as going up. When we got to the bottom we decided to go get a frozen drink. The first place didn't have them so we ended up at Star Bucks. I got a caramel cream. mmm... it tasted like a butterscotch dilly bar from dairy queen.

I had to rush off from the girls and meet Harry. We took a walking tour of Ciaus with a book of explanations of everything. It didn't take as long as I thought so we chilled in the JRC for a bit. At two we went punting. Oh my gosh- it was the finniest thing ever! It was me, Tricia, Stefanie and Luke. We just had so much fun. It was so relaxing. I was attacked by a duck! haha!

Stef was punting and ran into a duck- the duck went ashore and we followed it (by accident) I had the ore so I was using it to push off. I got it (purposely) too near the duck and he freaked out! So I kind of deserved it. It was really funny though. The other boat of people we were with did not go as far as us. We were faster (zoom!) It was awesome. We went under the Bridge of Signs- which I think is hilarious (it is rumored that is called the bridge of sighs because it is the bridge students had to walk across on their way to examinations) Luke had to get back so when we hit our port, he took off. The three of us girls walked home slowly. We got and ice cream. I got an orange popsicle that dripped all over my pink shirt. We walked through some gardens that are normally off limits. It was pretty. We had fun.

The Bridge of Sighs

I left them and went to the computer lab. As I was looking at Lemonysnicket.com the power went off. Uh oh! There were three of us in there. Me, Luke and another girl. It didn't look like the power was going on anytime soon. We had banquet tonight! how were we supposed to get ready and have dinner with no power?

I sat on the lawn for a bit.When it struck 6:00 we got off the lawn. I just came up to my room to cool off and get ready for dinner. Just as I was walking down stairs all spiffed up, The power came back on! Whew! luckily they cook with gas here. 

We had sherry on the lawn in the tree court. I didn't think I'd ever get to walk on that lawn! We were all taking pictures right and left. It was pretty funny- especially all the boy pics. 

Wendy Jo, Deann, harry, Brian, Melissa, Heather, Kim, ?, Trish, Unease, Sarah

Brian, Alexis, Angie, Sarah

Unease, Deann, Me, Trish, Harry

Laura, ?, Erica, Robin, Betsy, Nicole

Angie, Megan, Shelly, Jacob, Sarah

Will, Kristen, Luke, Evelyn, Mike

Sieglinde, Kristen, Caitlin, ?, Jennifer, Marisa

We went in to dinner. It was great! There were candles and violin music. It was nice. The food was pretty good too. The whole atmosphere was amazing. When they brought out the Baked Alaska dessert it was flaming with a sparkler. It was neat! Unfortunately, it all ended. And that was it. The program is over. No fair!

I said goodbye to a few people and said goodbye and hugs to my professors. I LOVE Corinna Russell. She is so stinking sweet (she's the one I gave the BoM to) Speaking of which- I gave 4 away today. Anyway, I left them and game to my room and changed and packed. I honestly cant believe it all fit. It's amazing. Well. I guess I need to finish this up. I have to meet my 4 buddies and party away the night! I'll update you on the rest tomorrow. I'm not going to be sleeping between now and then.
Love, Heather

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