Saturday, August 8, 2015

Interesting Conversation

August 8, 2005

Hello. Today was an interestng day... hmmm... I got up and did the morning ritual- class was ok. It was rather uneventful. Sfter calss i went to coffee to see what was going on with my Dickens class because it was canceleld one day last week. I ran into Harry. He wanted to go to lunch at the filling station. So after coffee Deann, Nicole and I shopped around for a few minutees then got Harry and walked to the Filling Station. It was ok. I miss American restaurant food.

Anyway, we got on the subject of what we would name our kids- it turned into a long funny disctussion- especially where Harry was concerned. We took two hours for lunch then I had to get back to class.

We had a marathon class. FOUR hours! Whew! Luckily it was fun (mostly) We took a break at 4:00 for tea. My teacher sat by me and I was asking her about London and how to get to the temple. She started asking all kinds of questions about the organization of the church- then she moved to the origin. So I told her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I told her I had an extra copy of the BoM if she wanted one. She does! I told her I would mark some of my favorite scriputres and give it to her Wednesday. Wow!

The rest of class was ok. I got out just in time to run and change for dinner. I had my final high table tonight. It wasn't as fun- mostly because I had a headache from coughing so much. After dinner I changed clothes and went to the computer lab. I came to my room and got ready to start my daily go to bed ritual and wrote in Dr Russell's BoM. It's a long ol letter. I hope she reads it. Anyway, I guess that's my day.

Love, Heather

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