Saturday, August 15, 2015

work work work

August 15, 2005

Happy Birthday to dad!

Well, I feel like I got something accomplished today. I had class- but in between classes I was in the library and computer lab. After tea and our mandatory meeting I was back in the library. After dinner I went to the lab and retyped and revised my paper, sent a few emails, and then went to Trinity Hall and turned my paper in. It feels lovely to be done!

I was looking around on the internet and we're supposed to be watching a movie in class Wednesday. It's rated R. I emailed my teacher and asked if there was anything else we could watch. She said she didn't know, but if not, I"ll just have a free day. Cool! Too bad I have a Dickens final that day otherwise I'd go to London and see Mary Poppins or Chitty.. oh well. 

So I was telling people about my lineage today. i'm just excited. I think it's really cool. They probably think I'm all braggy, but I think it's neat. Anyway, I'm not feeling my best so I think I'll call it and early night.

Love, Heather

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