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Home again, home again...

August 19, 2005

Welp, I'm back in the good ol US of A. I'm back in mountain standard time, but not home yet. It's been a looooooooong day. last night where I left you, I finished packing everything and took all my luggage downstairs. I cried a little as I said goodbye to my room. sigh... I turned and locked the door for the last time- and took my bags to the porters lodge. He had me lock it in a closet. I went up and hung out with D and T. I wanted to go hang out in the Buttery with everyone else, it being the last night- but oh well.

We played half a game of farkle. I was winning when we quit! Some time during the course of the evening Will Best came in. He was the resident pompous ass that I couldn't stand. He came in drunk out of his mind. I sat and totally mocked him- and he thought I was hilarious. Yeeah. Around 3:30 we went to get our luggage and Will and another guy, Chris were sitting outside saying goodbye to everyone that was leaving. They were both crazy drunk. but they helped us with our luggage which was handy. Chris was being very complimentary- and very touchy feely and was making me uncomfortable- so it was a relief when our taxi came. we piled all the luggage in and then T, D, Kristen and I piled in and went to the bus stop. A while later Chris, Will and a ton of other people came to the bus stop to drop off other people. at 4:30 our bus came. I'm glad I got my own seat! I slept most of the way to Heathrow. I woke up long enough to give Tricia a hug goodbye- and she got off.

The rest of us went to Gatwick. Finally at the north terminal we said goodbye to Kristen- and D and I went in. We went through customs and a million security checks. I checked my bags and walked Deann to her terminal. She didn't have too long before she boarded. So I said goodbye to her and left.

Gatwick Airport

I went upstairs and shopped around for a bit. I finally got tired of wandering so I just went down. I met a very nice old couple from Florida and talked to them. it was nice. 

My gate

Oh- the plane- I was in the center section of seats on the aisle- and there was a kid on the other end and no one in between us. nice! It was a comfortable first flight and I slept most of the way. 

On the plane

The kid I was next to just finished 6 weeks at Oxford. The flight didn't seem to take as long as last time and in no time we were in Dallas. We had to wait forever to get to customs. grr... finally I got through and  and got in the security line for my next flight. What a mess. I had to totally unpack my backpack because the video camera was all the way at the bottom. I walked to my terminal. By the time I got there my 1 1/2 hour layover- was over!

Somewhere over Texas

I got to the gate after everyone else had already boarded. This plane was cramped but oh well. I had a window seat. I made it back to SLC without incident. When I got here, however, that is different.  I went to pick up my luggage and was missing the big suitcase. So I had to report it and plus Mel wasn't there to get me! So I had complained about the luggage and by the time I finished that I found Mel. We took my crap minus one to the car. We drove into Salt Lake and ate at the Olive Garden. aaah... quite lovely. I'm stuffed and tired. and I want to go to bed.  

Oh- I got to Ileen's house and gave her her present. I got her a thimble and a ring from the Royal Crown Jewel shop. Really? Anyway She giggled like a little girl when she saw that ring. heehee! I think she liked it. 

The ring

The wearer of the crown jewels

Anyway, I sat and told her about my pictures and then she sent me to bed. It's been a long time since my face has seen a pillow.

Love, Heather

PS- I got my suitcase back the next day

Alright folks- That's the end of my adventure in England. I'm sure it probably bored you to tears, but I have had so much fun reliving these memories. I appreciate all 6 of you who have been keeping up with it- and now that it's over, I promise I'll start posting things that are a wee bit more recent. But can you understand now why I say I'm homesick for England and I dream about it all the time. I wish I could show you the pictures I have in my head. I regret that I only took a fraction of what I should have. Next time I won't allow myself to feel self conscious and I'll take all the photos I can! (assuming there will be a next time)

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Melissa Ann said...

I have been a little late in reading them but I am surprised that the only pictures I remember seeing are the Scotland ones! I loved the journey! Thanks for sharing!