Friday, August 14, 2015

Blue Blood

August 14, 2005

My last Sunday here... sigh... You know, now that it's coming to a close, I'm kinda glad. I want to go home. But I don't want to go back to all the drama. Sigh... well, church today was ok. It was bout being good parents, marriage and going to seminary- all things I don't need to deal with. I'll never get married, therefore no children- and I've done seminary. All four years. I left a little early.

I came home and changed clothes and got Deann and Tricia. Someone told me there was Harry Potter money in a shop window. I just wanted to see it but Trish wanted to buy some. So we went for a walk. It burst into a downpour. We found shelter in the entrance of one of the colleges on Bridge Street. It only lasted a minute so we walked on. We saw the money- yay- and left because the store was closed.

They wanted to do more shopping. I didn't so I parted with them and went to check my email. I had asked mom for a copy of my genealogy because I knew there was a king in there somewhere but I couldn't remember which one. So she sent it to me. We got all the way to William the Conqueror! Then kings all the way to Edward III, then John of Gaunt who had his illegitimate Beaufort family- that's who my family is through. I had no idea my blood was so royal- so blue! :)

I was intrigued I came back to my room and dusted off my history book and read. For pleasure! It was no longer a world or British history book- by my family history. Crazy! I fell asleep reading until dinner. Finally we had mashed potatoes! Oh- So good. Everyone was working on homework tonight. I was supposed to watch a movie with Luke- but the movie we wanted was gone so he just picked one. It's rated R so I didn't watch it. I've just been reading all night. I think I read for like, 3 hours or more.

I finally got to John of Gaunt- so I quit after him. That's where the record ends for us. Anyway, I guess I oughtta get serious about finals. I have a paper due tomorrow and then a test Wednesday and that's it. It's amazing how it's flown. It seems like just yesterday I as stressed out about class and not making friends. Crazy crazy crazy. Well,


Love, Heather

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