Monday, August 10, 2015

Study and rare books

August 10, 2005

Oh, I had such high hopes for today. I really don't know where it went. I had class after breakfast. It was pretty much the last lecture class. Yay! We watched a video for part of it... oh wait.. we have a lecture on Monday. Dangit! Between classes I took a nap. I'm hoping sleep will help me get rid of this disease I have! Everyone else is getting it too. Good. I hate to be the only one coughing and sniffling through classes.

Dickens was tolerable. During tea I gave my teacher the BoM. I thought I'd give it to her and that would be it- but she sat down and leafed through it and asked questions. nice! After tea I joined a group that went to the library. We got to look in the rare book section. It was amazing! The illuminated manuscripts that were 4-500 years old- and my personal favorite, Queen Elizabeth I's bible! I held her bible! It was amazing. It was huge! It was so heavy that during the last few weeks of her life when she lay dying and was too weak to hold it and read, it left a thumbprint from the person who had to hold it all day. It's still visible! Honestly, it was amazing. I also saw the bible of William of Orange. Very ornate and beautiful We just don't have things that old in America- plus it was all on parchment. I don't know that I've ever even seen parchment. Anyway, it was a great experience. I'll bet not many Idahoans have seen those things.

Anyhoo, after that I went down to check my mail. I had to get to work on my paper but didn't want to so I thought of everything  I could do instead. Eventually I ran out of stuff and had to go. It's 74 steps from the very bottom of the library to the very top... 74 very steep steps. I got my books from yesterday and took them to a more comfy place and read. I got a few ideas and took some notes.

A few hours later I submerged back to the lab and added my findings. I still need more. Grrr... around 10:00 I called it quits. I was going to get something to eat because I hadn't eaten since breakfast but nothing looked good so I'm just gonna go to bed. I'm very excited about tomorrow! I'm going to the temple and Les Mis! Woo Hoo! I told a couple of people to keep an eye out for me Friday. If i'm not here, call the police!

Love, Heather

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