Sunday, August 2, 2015

A boring day

August 2, 2005

Unfortunately I do not have much to report today. I got up this morning and ready and went to breakfast. I was not felling well. After breakfast i gathered my stuff and went and did my laundry. I sat and read while it was going. It was a really nice day so after i folded my laundry I was going to go outside- but I ended up falling asleep. Tricia and Deann came over for a few minutes the left for the Cow. I met Harry after his class and he and I walked to the Cow and met them. They had already ordered so we didn't have to wait. NICE!

Deann and Harry had to go to a lecture so they left and Trish and I went to the computer lab and bost office. I mailed off a bunch of post cards. I came back to my room and fell asleep. I still didn't feel well and I woke in time to do a little homework and go to dinner.

Dinner tonight was absolutely disgusting. I ate a little bit of my soup and two bites of ravioli- it was spinach ravioli stuffed with something orange. Blech! I stayed long enough to get dessert and give it to Deann- then I left. I came up and read and did homework till Trish game. We played a few rounds of Spit- all of which she kicked my butt! We played Farkle and I beat her- so that made me feel better. Deann came in and gave me out itinerary for Saturday- now I'm off to beddy bye.

Love Heather

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