Monday, August 17, 2015

Finals and Movie night

August 17, 2005

Ack! My time is ticking! NOOOooooo!!!!!

Well, I'm done with classes. That's a relief. I got up and went to breakfast and then went to class. I did not stay because they were watching the R movie. I told my professor I would go to the different colleges. I was going to- but I fell asleep instead. First on a couch in the JRC then in my room. I woke up and started to pack. It's all going to fit! I can't believe it! I acquired so much stuff I never thought it would all fit. Who knew!? 

Anyway, at 2:00 I went down and took my Dickens final. It wasn't too bad. I only took two sheets of paper, and I had an hour for each question- so I wrote very slowly. It was ok. It could have been worse. We'll just just have to see how she grades. I'm planing on a B in the class. When it was over i went to tea and talked to my teacher. I told her to be gentle. :) I went with Tricia to the lab until dinner. It was my last normal dinner. Sigh... tomorrow is our banquet.

After dinner I wandered around and then at 8:00 Luke, Kristen Angie and I went to I2 and watched a movie (I2 is my History classroom) We've been planing this forever and it keeps getting put off but we finally did it! We watched Finding Neverland. So good. I  Just love Luke. He reminds me so much of Travis- and then he showed up in plaid jammie pants just like Travie ha. I couldn't help it- I had to hug him. He's so sweet. Just a tall, skinny kid that is super nice and way funny and everyone likes him. 

Kristen, Angie, Luke, Me

Anyway, we walked out of the movie and there was Stephen Hawking and his minions again. I walked by, but didn't freak out. It's old hat now (pe-shaw) I've just been packing more. I'm just about done I think .Just my shoes and stuff I'll need tomorrow. I just can't believe it's over! I'm so sad. 

I wrote in a few copies of the Book for Mormon- now it's my last bedtime here!

Love, Heather

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