Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rained out

August 13, 2005

'Allo! Boy- today... hmmm... well, it didn't start until 10:30. That was nice. I finally peeled myself out of bed. I got dressed and went to the lab. I emailed a bit then worked on my paper some. I really just don't know what else to write about. So I decided I'd go get some lunch.

As I was walking out I ran into Trish and Deann. They'd been on the Cambridge hunt and found everything. They were looking for Harry. I pretended to be excited and went with them. We looked everywhere for him. no go. Tricia wanted to go to some record show at the Guildhall so we walked over there. It was a pound to get in. No way! I'm not spending even a pound on something like that. so we really weren't going to go in- but the people really wanted us to go in so they let us in for free. I'm very glad we didn't pay. It was just a bunch of people selling their old CDs. and I'm just not into that- so I left.

I go myself a burger and chips and came to my room and ate. I took a nap till Deann came to get me to go punting. It was a little rainy so we weren't sure if it would happen. So I went to get Tricia in the lab- before I even got out of the building with her we met some girls who said punting was cancelled. So we emailed a little. By the time we left it was pouring outside! We just had to walk in the rain. I had the video camera tucked under my shirt. By the time I got back to my building I was soaked. I tried to dry off in the bathroom with hand dryers but it didn't work so I just came up and changed my clothes.

Everyone met in the common room for pizza. When it calmed down a bit we had a talent show. It was mostly singing. A few people played the guitar and sang- some acapella. One talent was a couple of girls who did a comedy routine. they asked me to play the piano- just a comedy intro- but I totally screwed up. I was so embarrassed. Sigh... later in the show i sang. I did On My Own from Les Mis. It went ok for being acapella.  I made a little comment about how we all know I can't play the piano on command. sigh... oh well. They liked- or at least appeared to like- my song. A couple of girls did a skit from SNL and a guy quoted the fist stanza of the Odyssey in Greek. One girl did a memory trick- that rest were musical I think. It was fun.

When it was over, us 4 musketeers came up to my room and played farkle. We haven't played that in forever! But now I need to head for bed- so

Love, Heather

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