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Dover and Canterbury

August 5, 2005

Hey! I'm gonna write quick.  Today was good. I got up early, got ready, had breakfast and and met the crew at the porters lodge. We walked to our bus and drove a long way! I slept most of the way so it went fast. We went to Dover castle.  The weather was terrible so I was being a grouch. It was interesting to see. We went inside and wandered through. It wasn't set up all museum-y like the other castles.

Dover Castle

In fact, it was quite empty- except for the Henry VIII's rooms. We saw his bedroom and dressing room- and his jake (loo). It was an amazing view from the top- what we could see that was not fog and misted over. I saw a Roman lighthouse that's nearly 2000 years old. Wow. 

The lighthouse

What was really neat was when they took us into the secret war time tunnels from WWII.  It's amazing that was D-Day was put into action. I learned a lot of cool things. I really wished Trav were there with me. He would have really appreciated it. I almost started to cry I missed him so much. It was funny. There was a time when we were walking through the hospital tunnels where I felt like I was in a bad episode of MASH. haha! We wandered around a little more and caught the bus. 

WWII Armaments

Admiral Ramsey


We drove down and the bus driver let us have 20 minutes at the beach! It was cool@ that was my first Atlantic ocean beach experience. I could have stayed all day and been mesmerized by the waves- instead i grabbed a handful of rocks- for it was not sand, and got back on the bus. 

Deann, Harry, Tricia and me at Dover beach

We drove into Canterbury and walked to the cathedral. It was a very interesting place. It was architecturally magnificent.

Canterbury Cathedral

St Thomas's shrine

stone screen

inside the cathedral

old ruined library at the cathedral

We left the cathedral and were all hungry so we wandered rill we found somewhere suitable for everyone. it was REALLY expensive. Oh well. The bus ride home was so much fun. I talked to the kid behind me- Luke. We talked movies- Harry Potter, everything! He's almost as big a nerd as me! I talked nonstop for two hours. I don't think I've done that yet this trip. I've never had that much in common with anyone. I nearly lost my voice. When we got back to C-town I went straight to the computer lab. I emailed everyone and then Deann and I bought tickets to a couple of things we're going to do tomorrow. Well, it's going to be another short night, so...

Love, Heather

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