Monday, August 3, 2015

Still Boring

August 3, 2005

Hello, I'm afraid today was much like yesterday. I went to breakfast and class. I hit the computer leb then came to my room to read/nap till my next class. I went down to my class and found out class was cancelled! Yes!!! So I sat out in the courtyard talking to one of the more strange members of our group. I brought my crap back upstairs then went to kill time in the computer lab. I was tired of coughing and wheezing so I walked to Sainsburys and got some medicine. I'm not sure how well it's working- but at least it's something. Dinner was good. dessert was crap. Blech. Why anyone would purposely eat bread pudding is beyond me!

The was going to be a poetry reading- a dramatization of "Murder at the Cathedral" in the JRC so I went and saved seats for D, T and Nicole. It took a while to assemble everyone but they finally started. It was ok. Not really as interesting as I had thought. After that we played farkle in Tricia's room. Harry joined us. It was fun to have 4. He's a nice kid. I think both T&D like him. hmmm... we talked about some of the stupid people in our program. We laughed- it was just fun. Then, at Cinderella time (10:30 for me) I headed out. I have decided I need more sleep. 8 hours a night and 4 hours worth of naps just isn't enough (right!)

Anyway, tomorrow should be more exciting. Yahoo!

Love, Heather

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