Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hanging out with Stars

August 4, 2005

Hey! It's been a long- quick day. If you can figure that one out. After breakfast Trica and I went and did email for a while then around 10:00 we walked across town to Grafton Shopping Centre. I saw a lady at church a couple of weeks ago with the cutest skirt- and she told me to go there. So Tricia helped me buy it- and she tried really hard to get me to buy some other things. But I feel I was reasonably sensible. I only bought the skirt and a necklace/earring set.

We walked back to school. I grabbed some lunch at a market vendor. Tricia went to her room and i went and ate in the Buttery. I came and hung out in my room for a while. Deann helped me put together an outfit so I could wear my new jewelry. She had to go to class so I just hung out here until it was time to meet everyone at the porters lodge. We drove into London and had a couple of hours before we had to be to the theatre. So we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat. We chose the Jubilee Tavern. Nice? It was actually pretty good. I'd rather not smell like an ashtray- but the food was good- and cheap!

We walked back to the National Theatre to see Henry IV part II. I didn't like it. I coudlnt follow it this time. There we just too many characters coming and going. The only reason I enjoyed it was because of the people in it.

The guy who plays Dumbledore (Michael Gambon)

 and Filch (David Bradley)

A hottie from the new Pride and Prejudice (Matthew McFayden!!!)

And John Wood- who is in just about every British movie ever made!

(also Alistair Petrie whom I recognized as Robert Martin from the BBC Emma)

Anyway, It was ok but not my favorite. We had a long bus ride back  then a long walk to Caius. I have to get up early to make the next trip.

love, Heather

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