Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trying to take it all in

August 16, 2005

Oh dear, it was such a busy day. I'm trying to cram 6 weeks worth of sightseeing into three days! After- no wait- before breakfast, I took my video camera and did a quick tour of my immediate area- the corner outside by Great St Mary's church, and Kings College. 

Kings College

also Kings College

The river Cam
(probably my favorite of all the pictures I took for the whole trip)

I did the inner courts of Caius and inside my building, the dining hall and such, and my room (all which has now been lost somewhere in the depths of my sister's house and has not been seen since).

the JRC (common room)

Gonville and Caius College

Caius chapel and all the beautiful flowers

My beautiful fuchsias
I decided they were planted just for me.

The Gate of Honor
(only the truly elite are allowed to pass through)

The inner courtyard

Dr Caius

Tree court

more pretty flowers grown just for me

 After breakfast I checked my mail and went shopping. Oh my gosh- I went crazy@ But I just told myself it was for school clothes. I guess I'll be wearing a lot of skirts this fall. I bought a couple of skirts (that makes 5 this summer) and some shirts. I spent 100 pounds! 

So I walked back and did some shopping in the market and the Disney store. I was supposed to meet a girl, Ana to go the video store but she stood me up so I went alone. At 1:00 I met T, D and H to go to the cow. It was good cuz I was starving! T and I were giving H advice about girls so it was pretty funny. Tricia and Deann had to go study so Harry and I walked to the Fitzwilliam museum.

Fitzwilliam Museum

It was interesting- no- disgusting. I'm sorry. It's just not art- all this nakedness. It's pre-internet porn. It's just not just the fact that they are all nude, it's the context and position. I don't understand what is artful about it. Harry and I got separated for a while. He left to go to the bathroom and I thought he'd just left. So I moved on thinking I'd find him. Nope. I found him later in the gift shop.

When we finished we walked back. It was a jolly trip. I went to the computer lab again and just played until dinner. After dinner I came to my room but I didn't want to just sit so I went for a walk and ended up at Sainsburys and bought 11 pounds worth of candy! Its to take home and share. I came back and was rooting through some things when Nicole came by. We chatted a while. I showed her all the crap I bought. We talked about about classes and boys. She's such a sweet girl. I went down to her room and we chatted some more but she has to study so I left her and came back. That's ok- it's past my bedtime anyway. 

Love, Heather

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