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The most famous person I've ever seen up close

August 9, 2005

I'm going to start my day at the end because that's when the most exciting thing happened! I had just left the computer room and was headed to bed. I stopped to talk to some people at the bottom of my staircase. I saw a lady looking around I was going to ask if she needed help because she looked lost. But I didn't.

Anyway, as I was talking to these people, one guy's jaw dropped and he pointed behind me. STEPHEN HAWKING! By the time I turned around he was out the door with his two nurses- I suddenly had the urge to go back to the computer lab. I ran the opposite way from which I normally go- because my normal way is where his ramp is. I got to the porters lodge just before them.

There was a "no visitor" sign in the way so I moved it aside. It was past 10:00 so the porter had closed the inner door. I looked at Dr Hawking and the nurses and asked if they would like to have the porter open the door. So I asked him to open the door and he was like,
The street door?
No. This one.
umm... Dr Hawking!
Oh Right away! He jumped up and was right out.

Wow. He's a lot older than I imagined him- but then again, the last time I saw video of him was in the early 90's maybe even late 80's. I guess he can age too. I ran to the computer lab to tell Deann Tricia and Harry. We've all by dying to see him and I did! Harry was especially green. I wrote home- well, I wrote and sent it to just about everyone. haha!

When I headed back to bed I stopped to tell a couple of girls. The porter came out and was very rude to us. Wendy Jo, the oldest of our program was a little drunk and she went in to yell at him for being mean to me. Haha! It all turned out well.

The beginning of my day was not so exciting. After breakfast I did laundry. I brought it to my room and folded it. I took a quick nap then went to the library. I felt so stupid I couldn't find any books. so I quit and went to the computer lab.

Harry came in and asked if I wanted to go to the Cow. I wasn't in the mood so I sent him along. Sad. Luckily D and T were there to meet him. I took a break from computering and went to the lunch trailer for a burger and chips. Then it was back to the library.

This time I got up. I fell asleep reading up on the top floor. Exciting books, I'll say. Around 5:00 I quit and went down to the lab to try to organize whatever thoughts I had already collected. Tricia wanted to go to Sainsburys so I went. We got Ben and Jerry's ice cream and ate it in her room. I ate the whole thing and made myself sick. Then it was back to the lab where she helped me a lot with my paper. That takes us to where we started. I need sleep.

love, Heather

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