Friday, August 7, 2015

Lazy day

August 7, 2005

Well today was a very relaxing day. First, i got eight hours of sleep last night! Och- it was loverly! I got ready, had breakfast and went to church. That guy wasn't on the bus this time so i had to find it on my own. It was easy. Church was good. People actually talked to me! Finally! I bore a short testimony in R.S. I actually stayed awake all through church. It was either due to a lot of sleep, or to the fact that I had to keep getting up and leaving to blow my nose or cough. During sacrament meeting I started coughing ferociously and couldn't stop. I got up and left. I listened to the rest of the meeting out in the hall. Once when I was coughing in the bathroom a little girl walked in and looked sad at me. "I can hear you coughing." hahha!

Anyway, I asked someone for directions to the temple. I had half the ward trying to help me. I t was funny. None of them knew because I can't drive there. They only drive. They don't know train routs. Oh well. I came home after church and checked my email and dinked around on the web. Then I came to my room and took a little 2 1/2 hour nap. :)  I did t a little homework then went down to dinner. Deann was crabby today. She had been up till 3 am talking to Tricia.

After dinner Professor Andrew Morton gave a poetry reading. It was ok. I don't really care for poetry. It was about 45 minutes. I came up to my room and read for my presentation tomorrow. I read for about two hours- it was kind of lame- but I had to do it. I'm not tired now (go figure) but I guess I'll head to bed.

Love, Heather

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