Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's take a break

I have more Celebrity Lunch Date posts coming up, but let's take a break for a few days... or a week... or so, to get reconnected.

I have two funny stories to tell you.

Last week I was helping my mom weed her flowers (a rare sight, indeed). I had my flip flops on so I kicked them off to just be barefoot in the dirt. While I was pulling up weeds, I felt something on my foot (we all know how I like bugs) and saw some kind of critter crawling up my leg. I didn't even stop long enough to see what it was- I kicked out to shake the critter off my foot- and accidentally kicked the house. With bare feet.


So a few days later I was playing with my toes- and wondering why the heck my second toe on my right foot hurt and felt like it needed to be popped- but wouldn't pop... then I remembered kicking the house. I jammed my toe-ey! Owwweeeee!


Night before last I had a hilarious dream! I dreamed that my sister Mel, my mom and I parachuted into Disneyland (so we wouldn't have to pay).

stolen here

We landed just inside the front gates and no one said anything to us- or threw us out. So we decided we wanted to go on the new Star Tours ride (which for some reason was a mash up between Star Tours and the Haunted Mansion). While my mother and sister shopped in the candy store for giant, Mickey shaped SweetTarts, I went to get in line.

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The line for the ride was like, a mile long. So I stood near the entrance acting nonchalant, letting the line pass me by.  When Mel and Mom finally came, we just walked right into the line. To the people who protested, I said, "Look, I've been in line, but I had to wait for these two so I let people pass by me." That seemed to appease them so they let us in line. I totally lied to cut in the line! It saved us hours of waiting in line! I was soooo proud of myself!

Anyway, so the line would move really fast, and then stand still for a while, then move really fast again. You know how inside Disney rides they curve you and curl you around corridors and hallways to make it seem like the line isn't as long as it really is? Well we were weaving through some cave looking hallways. The line moved and the people in front of us moved really fast around a corner. When we reached the corner, I could see that two roped off lines went right, and one line went left. So I chose the left line. We wandered and wandered and never found other guests in line. I began to think I chose the wrong way so we tried to find our way back but it was so dark we just kept getting more and more lost. Finally, we came to a huge cavern filled with people. As we hid off to the side, we could see we'd walked into a rally of disgruntled park custodians who had to wear Renaissance costumes.

stolen here

 I don't know what they were mad about, but I never *did* get to go on the ride.

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Melissa Ann said...

I think this means next time you go to Disneyland you have to take me and I will lead you to the rides!