Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Celebrities Past 6

No disrespect to the lovely Ms Hepburn, but after much deliberation, I decided that she is not someone that I would bring back from the dead to have lunch with- so I am editing my list a little bit.  I realized that today is Friday- and therefore only had so many spots left- and it's a tight squeeze. I had a bump a few- but these guys can not be bumped- and even though it's not exactly going along with the rest of the week- today, we have a team up lunch.

There is no way to decide between these two guys. None. So they get to go together.

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

stolen here

Who comes to mind when you think of classic Hollywood dancers? Most likely one of these two will waltz into your imagination. There were some great dancers in the Golden Era of Tinsel Town, but no one could quite match the caliber of these two. True, they're style is different- but they are both so amazing.

Gene has the fortune of being in one of my favorite musicals *ever* Brigadoon. (of which a clip was shown on Van Johnson Day {you like that? like how I made it sound like a holiday?})

And Fred is in one of my favorite Christmas shows- Holiday Inn. He's such a light, airy dancer, and always has a bit of mischief up his sleeve.

And to my knowledge- this is the only time to two of them danced together. Awesome! Two Hollywood Legends coming together like this? I wish I'd been there!

I can't dance to save my life- but I would imagine one lesson from these guys and I could at least keep my feet from tripping over themselves. I hope.

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