Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Celebrities Past 2

Today we talk about one of my all time favorite leading men!

Howard Keel

stolen here

If we were to ever go to lunch, I would eat- he would sing.  I've loved him since I was a little kid.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Calamity Jane? Showboat? Even Annie Get Your Gun is awesome (only because of him though- I kinda want to punch Betty Hutton in the face in that movie) He seriously has the most amazing voice.  To all of you unbelievers- watch these videos then tell me you wouldn't just want to listen to him sing all day.  He's amazing.

I could make believe.... sigh...

I cried the day he died.  I was actually thinking of him that day, and got on IMDB to do some reading up on him and realized that he'd died just that day.  See? I knew there was a connection there!

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Cindy Lou said...

I would TOTALLY join you with this one! My dad absolutely loves this man. I think Howard Keel's roles in the movies you mentioned are responsible for my weakness for baritones.