Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Celebrities Past 3

This person probably has one of the most infamous personal histories.  She led such a crazy, sad life.  But she was so incredibly beautiful and so amazingly talented.

Judy Garland

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Learning what little I know about her life, I think it's crazy that someone so lovely never knew how wonderful she was.  And I don't blame most of her problems on her.  She was ruined from the very beginning by people pushing and pulling her in every direction, giving her sleeping pills, giving her waking pills. Telling her she's not good enough. No wonder she didn't grow up to make very good decisions.

[pardon the Christmas-ness of this video, but I think she is simply gorgeous in this movie- and this part in particular.] I would love to hear about her life from her perspective. I'm sure that biographers- even her children- couldn't explain how she really felt.

But really, what kid didn't grow up loving her as Dorothy?

stolen here

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Cindy Lou said...

I didn't grow up loving her as Dorothy because (and I hang my head in shame at this fact) I didn't see "The Wizard of Oz" until a few months ago.