Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Celebrities Past 4

Today's entry is another one of my favorites. He's wonderful as male lead- but he was also fabulous as the quirky best friend in any film.

Van Johnson

stolen here

He just seems like someone who gives really good hugs. He is just so darn lovable. But he could play serious roles too.  He could sing a little, and dance enough to keep up with Gene Kelly- but it's just his all round lovableness that has him on my list.

this video includes two from my list this week! Sa-weet!

Again, I was very upset the day he died. It seemed that he died alone in some forgotten corner of the world. I don't even want to think of what things in his life lead him to that end. No, I'd much rather think of him as the happy go-lucky type, a little sarcastic- but always with a hidden grin.

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